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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Selling Painted Armies on Ebay! Historicals, Malifaux, Warmachine

I am making room in the basement and selling some of my spare Warmachine/Hordes armies. I simply have no time to play and I'd rather have the money than models clotting my basement... that will only be a small dent in the stash...

I am selling all of my Cryx, my Cygnar, all my Khador for Warmachine. I'm selling my Arcanist creatures for Malifaux (without ever playing a single game of it). Finally, for the fans of historicals, I have a Viking army for Pig Wars or Saga.

In a shameless plug, each is a direct link to the Ebay posting!

Cryx Army

Cygnar Army

Khador Army

Viking Army

Malifaux creatures


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