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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Predictions of Doom: 4e is the new Coke

This is not a 4e rogue!

Yesterday, I posted a collection of Predictions of DoomTM regarding 4e, LFR and the RPGA (read it HERE). The post was one of subjective observation. My dislike (to say the least) of 4e is great. But the column poses deductions and observations I had regarding the above-mentioned subjects. I presented a number of facts and examples of things I thought were going to happen in the future. I thought it was actually pretty upbeat about 4e. Past behavior is best predictor of future behavior.

Then Scott, a man extremely devoted to 4e, posted a lengthy comment accusing me of 4e bashing. 4e sales are dwindling is something I have been observing locally and across the internet in the "markets" where I have some interest (which includes Denver, Montreal, Paris and Dublin). The game IS losing steam. It is losing players too. Pathfinder is eating into 4e sales big time. My local game stores can't hold on to PFRPG core books (or Bestiary, or APGs), but their 4e stuff gathers dust (not really 'cuz they clean up everything, but you get the idea). It sells MUCH slower than it did a year ago.

The funniest thing about this article? I thought it was the least amount of 4e-bashing I did in months. My Predictions of Doom were laid out clearly with what I thought would happen, with the basis of my analysis and deductions.

If people want to play 4e, they sure can. I won't. The Predictions were not aimed at stopping people from playing.

Now on to my response to Scott:

My first reaction to the 4e announcement was one of cautious optimism. There were things I liked about what they announced and things that made me wary. Being pessimistic by nature, I remained cautiously interested until I can see the final product.

One thing about playing D&D is that is had its own universe, its own uniqueness, its "D&Disms" that you loved or hated and its distinct game worlds. 4e stripped away most of it and mish-mashed everything together. Had 4e been called "Wizards & Warriors", "Table Top MMO" (or anything else) I would've enjoyed it for what it is: a different game paradigm in a different rule set. It’s like an Battlestar Galactica episode where people come in for a short cruise, spend a few days and leave totally in love as the crew feeds them cocktails and scamper about in bikinis. You would alienate the fans. 4e is the Love Boat in the world of Battlestar Galactica.

I left 2e in 1993 because it was too restrictive and did not give me enough control over my character. I was not in charge of my character. Everything had been hashed by someone else before me. Someone did everything and all I had was to match race, class, equipment and I was done. If I was a fighter, customization meant choosing a sword or an axe... The only difference between the parties I was in was that we had a cleric/ rogue, a fighter/ rogue and a wizard/ rogue. I didn't like it so I started playing other games and dropped D&D.

I tried 3e in January of 2003 and found it had addressed issues I had with the game. *I* was the one who would create his character in the way I wanted: I could assign skill points, chose feats, chose a different classes as I leveled, my cleric was very much like my "typical" 2e characters but with new bells and whistles and he was very different than other player's characters. My buffing cleric had to manage his resources, including healing. There was a system to handle things like knowledge and talking to other people! Good times! So I began playing Living Greyhawk and enjoyed 3e.

When I got my 4e pre-release material around January of 2008 (yes, I got it before all of you), I devoured its content wanting to like it. I WANTED to be as seduced by it as I remember when I opened my 2e PHB at the Travel Agency where my sister worked. I wanted to LOVE it, to EMBRACE it and to become the best 4e spokesman there was. But the more I delved into 4e, the less I liked it. The reasons I left 2e were back. Customization: not there (very limited). Non-combat situations: not there (if you are not in an encounter, you are wasting time). Good skill system: Not there (over-simplified and now a player does not have to invest or make a choices about his skill). Multi-classing is gone (I now get to use one ability 1/encounter). First I stopped having fun with it, then I stopped GMing it, then I stopped writing for it then I stopped playing it and finally I just gave up.

I have this concept I wanted to build in 4e (mostly because I never played that character in other games): an ELVEN ROGUE using the bow as his main weapon. Not shuriken. Not daggers. Not a hand crossbow. I wanted to use a bow, ANY bow would be fine. It must be a concept that is too far out there to handle as part of the basic game. It must be something that never happened in fantasy literature. I mean... 1-3e and Pathfinder handled that concept very well out of their core book. I generally try to find concepts that do not require me to carry 50 splat books (I'm lazy that way).

Throughout your post you accuse me of taking the designers’ criticism of their work at their word. Why shouldn’t I? Aren’t they proud of having the job they did? If there was something that was so bad about the game, why did they wait 3 years (4e was developed Jan 2005-Jun 2008) before they came up with a fix for it? If 3e was a PoS why did they attend major cons pretending 3e was the bomb? Why did they tell us that 4e was a paranoid gamer’s fantasy? Don’t they have the job many of us would LOVE to have? If what they produced before was such crap, why would we expect them to suddenly come up with great material? Wasn’t the new Coke supposed to be so good that it would make old Coke disappear?

That’s not what happened… After trying out the new coke, people hated it, and Coca-Cola realized it quickly enough that they were able to get back their clientele and trade blows with Pepsi once more. 4e is the new Coke that WotC keeps saying is what we want to drink. It’s the Coke that we’ve been told we’ve been wanting for years.

But we moved on to Pepsi/Paizo products.

Scott, if you honestly expect (any flavor of) 4e to stick around beyond 2013, please contact me at that time where I will publicly apologize, recognize the non-validity of this prediction and even play a game of 4e! I'm serious. I'm willing to put my money where my mouth is. You have me on record right here. Oh wait... It will not be 5e... it'll be the "AD&D"!

Yes folks! You heard it here first... AD&D is coming back. The net result: 5e/AD&D will be *kinda* similar (same basic mechanics) but not so much so that you can use all your 4/4.5/RB with it. There will be just enough that you need to re-purchase all your stuff for this new format because it will have the "super cover of awesomeness" or some other gimmick. They will just avoid calling it 5e.

But it will be 5e.

All the fatalism and humor aside... Seriously Scott... Do you REALLY expect 4e to stick about 8 years like 3e did? WotC is re-branding it after "just" 2.5 years...From looking at your blog, you are an intelligent guy. Did I say something that sounded perhaps a little too right?

4e will be around until a suit comes in and says "sales are down, time for a new version!". 5e / AD&D will be on the shelves a few months later.


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Predictions of Doom: 4e, RPGA, LFR

I read with some amusement about the apparent demise of 4e, LFR and the RPGA announced on EnWorld and the Paizo Forums. In a rare instance, I will not jump onto the bandwagon of doom. That’s right... Mark your calendars folks! I do not think this is the death of any of the above. Those animals need to be taken separately as to what I predict will happen. This post is bound to include a number of predictions of doomtm.


Ever since the arrival of 4e, WotC re-branded everything: the game, the logos, the presentation, the art. Everything! The common use of RPGA has been disappearing in favor of newer brands and terms. We now have the WPN or Wizards Play Network. I don’t read much into this re-branding, other than WotC’s desire to link people’s minds that D&D = WotC and not D&D = RPGA. My own company does it on an irregular basis: change the logo, bring in a new mission statement, move a few directors around, etc.

I guess the question is: what was the RPGA? Before it got turned into the WPN, I mean.

Starting around 2003, the RPGA began to drop many of its organized play campaigns (such as Living City, Living Jungle, Living Dragonstar and later Living Rokugan, Living Arcanis and Living Force. What remained? Living Greyhawk was the flagship and the D&D Campaigns (Green Regent and Mark of Heroes) supplemented play.

As far back as 2006, I started to consider the RPGA as "just" a marketing tool. A very efficient one at that - so I believe. By the time 4e started in 2008, you had the dying gasps of LG and LFR which was coming on-line. That was it. Came 2009, LG was gone and LFR was what the RPGA offered.

Like many things, brands, names and images have power. How many of us saw the red box, picked it up and said I haven’t seen those in twenty years! NICE! Then you learned it was 4e and either swiftly put it back on the shelf or bought a copy. While some people might have liked or disliked the RPGA, it was one thing you knew you could count on: you would have a seat at a game table.

That said, I think the RPGA, its logos and its presentation is on the way out. WotC will let it sleep for a few years then re-brand it for 5e with new logos, new colors and a big fanfare. With the re-launch of the of the RPGA! the universe will be at peace once again. You heard it here first, folks! That’s my prediction of doom. The RPGA will re-rise like a phoenix with WotC saying that they listened to their fans and brought it back.

I mean when the RPGA was formed, it was to promote play and unification. It was for GAMERS, to provide an umbrella of legitimacy to cons and game events.

Living Forgotten Realms

The news that LFR was getting dumped by WotC hit last summer. I was not overly surprised by it. Being over LFR, my emotional reaction was indifferent. With some time to digest this, I think this might be the best thing that could have happened to the campaign. Yes, I believe that!

Pick your jaw off the floor.

A number of factors contribute to this. First, WotC and its edicts are no longer the only driving force behind the campaign. This should allow the authors and admins to gain additional freedom and putting what WotC refused us in the adventure.

1 - A strong storyline.

2 - Role playing encounters that don’t start and end with Make a Diplomacy check, get some *ROLE*.

3 - More creative adventure writing and formatting.

4 - Interactives. That would be a winner on their part, but seeing blogs from Gregg Marks, I doubt it will happen. Though now it doesn’t matter... I was very happy to see Timmy’s LFR interactive happen this past weekend. It was a huge draw (only problem is that it was all day). Interactives are the one place where they could make some huge gains over Pathfinder Society. Special and unique content brings people to cons and to the table. Like everything in LFR: It doesn’t matter.

5 - Consequences... I make a lot of fun about LFR and saying that the campaign’s motto is It doesn’t matter. But now with them gaining some freedom over the content and story, I truly believe this might change. I HOPE it will change.

6 - Finally I doubt it will die in the blink of an eye. It will die slowly, after a long agony. That is because of the many dedicated fans and volunteers who week-in week-out run the campaign. Those volunteers who spent a lot of energy on 4e want to see it succeed, but I fear it is a losing battle. Denver has a big LFR community that will remain thriving for the coming year or two. As long as Paizo and Pathfinder keep up what they are doing, more and more people will be migrating back to the more stable game system - I don’t see a Pathfinder 2e coming out next year.

7 - Another prediction of doom: Unless there is a big change in Campaign Admin staff, I doubt much will change from what it is now. The campaign directors have been too close for too long to really come up with new ideas.

4e’s Future

Now, I do believe that the 4e ship has come and gone. WotC gambled on the edition war and lost, thinking they could simply dictate what people would like/ play and simply guess wrong. Two and a half years after its release and the community is still heavily divided about 4e. Going back to 2002, the same time after 3e and very few people still played 1e/2e. Most D&D games had moved on to 3e or some variant of 3e.

Will 4e disappear tomorrow? No. Far from it! 4e fans will still enjoy their game. Their numbers will dwindle until only the die-hards remain.

Now no prediction post about the future of 4e would be complete without word of 5e. Ever since 4e was announced, 5e was in people line of sight. With the Essentials/ Red Box being released, which WotC CLEARLY avoided marketing as 4.5 (even though it IS a half-edition). This 4.5 will be around for about another 2 years and at Gencon 2013 - mark your calendar folks...

Gencon 2013

At Gencon 2013, you will be given the chance to experience 5e in all its glory. After all, they will say, 4e lasted 5 years (avoiding all references to 4.5). After all this time the game needed an overhaul. Your 4e stuff will become unusable and obsolete.

Good news: 5e will clean up the game, save the universe, make you a chocolate sundae, tell you when to shower, give you a dream job and provide you with a voucher to make the rain stop! In short, it will be perfect from day one! In those blessed days, 4e will be reviled as the devil itself and proof that gamers in those days were forced to play with sub-optimal and incomplete games...

Ahhh 5e, you will be so perfect that Jesus himself will come down from Heaven a second time to run a game of Eberron using you. Buddha will break his eternal bliss and play a 5e ranger. Mohammed himself will reveal to his people that the 72 virgins in Heaven form 12 tables of 5 5e players, each with their own sets of dice and rulebook. As you can see there will no longer be wars in the world and everything will be right. Oh happy day!

That is, if you drink the Cool-Aid. Remember at Gencon 2007 how bad and horrible they said 3e was? How they spent a full year pointing out problems in the system (many that weren’t)? How obsolete and monstrous 3e had become? How terrible a system it was? How they could not understand how people could play it? How so easy and fun it was? How cluttered the game had become with all the supplements?


Yep, yep, yep.

You’ll hear it again I’m afraid.

WotC missed the point that they simply cannot discard the old-guard and simply focus on new players. Today’s game community has just so many rpgs to play. Assuming your old guard will follow to 5e simply because you said so is simply not realistic.

It was true in 1989 when 2e came out.

Twenty years later, the situation has changed.


4e won’t just go away just yet. It is still supported and has many very loyal fans who will continue to make the game run and have a local presence. While 4e has many issues, that make me recoil in its presence, it’s not dying. Nor will it simply vanishing out of existence.

The RPGA as a brand is being phased out only to rise like a phoenix in a few years’ time. I mean... I’ve been hearing WHAM! Songs on the radio recently... and if that can come back... *Shudders*

And LFR may actually experience a renaissance of sorts. Away from WotC’s stranglehold and by allowing more freedom to authors and administrators, allow ideas from the community to influence and shape the campaign.


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Genghis: All Reported

I just completed reporting all my Genghis Con table. Wow... What an increase from Tacticon! At Tacticon, I reported 38 Tables. Genghis just had 58. That's a 50% increase! I am just so impressed and super-excited.
One thing I like to note is the Faction that gathered the most points over the course of the Con.

As of Saturday Morning, it was: Taldor, Osirion, Andoran, Cheliax and Qadira.

As of Sunday Morning, it was: Taldor, Andoran, Osirion, Qadira and Cheliax.

And the final totals are: Andoran (138), Osirion (135), Taldor (124), Qadira (63) and Cheliax (58).

It seems that everyone played their Andoran character on Sunday! The final order was exactly the same as that of Tacticon. There, the Andorans enjoyed a MUCH greater advantage over Osirion. This time they managed a very narrow win. My Qadiran-loving heart is sad, but gains comfort that Taldor lost its edge just at the end.

Well done everyone!


Monday, February 21, 2011

Thanks for Genghis

Thanks all of you for making Genghis the biggest PFS event EVER! Thanks go to the judges who helped me pull this off, and did a spectacular job of it (see later). Thanks to the players who showed up and participate in the many events we offered. Thanks to our Fiesta sponsors, Enchanted Grounds (note to self: ask to be sponsored with a bottomless cup… hummm bottomless cup *drools*)! Thanks to Linda Weygant, our brave RPG coordinator who allowed me to pretty much do as I pleased during the con! Finally, thanks to my beloved wife Julie for giving me a kitchen pass (I’m well-whipped).

As of Sunday morning, I had more tables than we ran at Tacticon last year and in a few instances, I believe we tied the number of tables LFR ran in a few instances (YEAH!) and received extremely positive feedback about the PFS judges (there were a few issues, but still overall, minor things). I do believe that an adventure contains three parts: first, there is the adventure itself; second, the GM; and finally the players. If you can get 2/3 you usually have something fun. But based on the feedback, we accomplished to get all 3 elements together. A rare and beautiful thing! (Yes I strongly disagree with some’s assessment that a good GM is 75% of a good table.)

Speaking about my own tables, I believe everyone up’d their game for the Venture Captain Special. I thoroughly enjoyed each of the sessions as each unfolded very differently, hallmark of the type of adventure I love to play and run… Although as some pointed out, the reward for judging is… more judging, I really had a great time.

We also ran 6 tables of Year of the Shadow Lodge! One of the biggest showing… a considerable achievement, especially considering this was a second run of the event here in the Mile High City! I thought Pfa! We have 4 judges… that should be enough… What a poor fool… what a fool!

I will be reporting the tables over the course of the week (and post the final number of tables and number of faction points here). Last night after eating, I crashed and slept after spending time with my lovely wife.

A special kudos to my fellow Iron men: Scott Crosson and Jeff Kokx who ran EVERY SLOT, and did so with great enthusiasm, great flair and who have run great games! Thanks guys! Your energy was so high throughout the con that it really forced me to up my game.

When I tell you PFS judges did an amazing job, I have numbers to prove it. This morning (Monday), I got the average scores for PFS judges at Genghis from Linda. More than 66% of our judges scored ABOVE a 9 on average! I have never seen this before, which really made my pride swell. So you know, I consider a score of 8 to be good (room for improvement, but good). I’m very happy to come in #5 with a 9.86! This has to be my own highest rating ever! But a very special kudos to everyone on this list, that’s quite an achievement!

DM NameAverage# of Tables
Phil McMahon102
Ken Rehor9.943
Jeff Kokx9.929
Derek Johnson9.882
JP Chapleau9.869
Scott Crosson9.679
Ryan Frederick9.444
Todd Lower9.445
Kerney Williams9.46
Kenton Larson9.23
Josh Burke9.172
Russ Brown9.034

Throughout the weekend, PFS players were very considerate and understanding. Those who sat at my tables had to wait a little to start while I made sure everyone was ready to go: every GM had his handouts, chronicles, rating sheet, registration form, PFS numbers or pre-gens. I half-expected to have a few people in my face demanding things. But no! Pat yourselves on the back for that one. You impressed me and REALLY made my job easier! (And I’m not easily positively impressed) Well done.

On to Tacticon…

Now some idiot went ahead and offered his name to help run PFS at Tacticon on Labor Day Weekend! Yeah, yeah I know. It was me… Dumbass couldn’t even wait a few days to make yourself desired… You had to go ahead and say you’d do it.

Genghis Con had a number of good things, and experience is valuable. Here are a few lessons I take from Genghis going forward.

First, running Pathfinder Society is too big an event to do by myself, especially if I am to run the PFS events and GM. It’s not too much. I need help for the logistics of the event – or not GM myself. While I can hop in and help with the occasional "overflow" doing the Iron Man and coordinating… Not anymore. This will allow me to focus on one task and really do it well giving you a better service and giving me a chance to unwind… a little.

Start locking your calendars for Tacticon and practice your GMing skills… I feel that 9 GMs per slots there might be an absolute minimum! Yes. I WILL NEED *YOU*.

Things not to say around JP

For some funnies, here are a few things that people ask me during the con that I had to fight very hard not to say the many things that immediately sprung to mind. I promised a few people that I would avoid cracks and tell the universe about LFR/4e. I somehow managed to it in spite of the following.

  • Can you point me to a good LFR game?
  • PFS? Wow that’s a new LFR region! I never played any of those! Are they new?
  • I just laughed when I saw someone holding a sign that read LFR-Generics.
  • Pathfinder, that’s just like a cheaper version of 4e right?
  • 4e is a better game because it requires a lot less brainpower to play.
  • I can’t start playing Pathfinder because I won’t have time to play LFR anymore.

I fought hard. I REALLY fought hard. Made nearly every Will save I had to make. Many because I told people DO NOT FEED ME THOSE LINES!.

RMPathfinder Dice

During the con, I announced which faction had the most points. Taldor led through Sunday morning… So I got to thinking… Why not create a Denver PFS dice (either a D20 or D6 dunno yet) with colors based on the faction that is more numerous… These would have a very limited run…

RMPathfinder Banners

Someone at the con asked about a Pathfinder banner. I told him I had not thought about that but that it would be a very good idea… To be able to have a large banner only for PFS – or Rocky Mountain Pathfinders would really be a good idea and give us great visibility. I am looking for someone with some Photoshop skills to assist me with creating a good design.

I am looking for a good price and something we can display… I will let you know!


Thursday, February 17, 2011

Eldritch Tomes for NeoExodus

What did Call of Cthulhu teach me ?

Other than never split the party, touch a magic item, trust anyone, believe that evil is everywhere or to be on the lookout for people with weak chins and bulging eyes?

Yeah... That's a lot.

I meant to answer "books and tomes are cool". Why? Because tomes are a good way to generate adventure potential and conflict. If you own a rare book, someone is bound (ha ha ha) to try and get it from you. Some will do it nicely, some not so much. But getting your hand on the Necronomicon is not the end of the journey. It's the start of a new one.

So earlier this week, I was going over "Magic of NeoExodus" and found a series of tomes in there. Just my luck I have been working on the NeoExodus core book and had not begun to go over the spells just yet (a task I reserved for the end).

It didn't take me long for my old love of Cthulhu and its dusty tomes to return. A quick reformat later (I'm a sucker for tables) and I had these tomes added to the core book. As I was adding them to my document I could see right away a dozen way to use the tomes in an adventure. Pushing my thought process further I could see them used as great McGuffins.

Though they form a large part of the Call of Cthulhu RPG and universe, I think they also make a great addition to any fantasy settings. Similar to the eye, hand and heads of Vecna... Yes, I know the Necronomicon passed through the megaverse, but its not usually associated with D&D (or Pathfinder).

So here I leave you, my dearest fans as I head off to Denver for some great gaming and my eldest daughter's first Con Jr!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

To Genghis Con PFS players

In preparation for Genghis Con here are a few things to keep in mind:

1- Have a back up first level character. You never know when you might need one.

2- If your character will level during the con, try to prepare a leveled-up version so you don't have to spend your short hour between slot leveling up. It is bad form to delay a table because you are leveling.

3- Be there ahead of muster time so tables can be setup. BE PHYSICALLY THERE, I seat only tables of people I can SEE.

4- If you are late, and miss muster, you missed muster. I will not un-seat tables.

5- I asked my GMs to beat all of you up.

6- When filling the table sheet, make sure that *I* can read the number. Read in a clear manner.

7- When you file the GM rating sheet, please provide constructive criticism to your judge (good or bad). At Tacticon, a few players really blasted the judges without providing any feedback. I want myself and the PFS judges to shine above all other games at the con. To do that, you the players have a big say in this. Be fair, provide truthful feedback.

8- When in doubt, charge.

I have about 1,000 more things I could add but those that the most important.

See you at Genghis.


PS: If you're missing Genghis... you're missing a great lineup!

Edit Have fun at the con!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

More Commissions

At the last PFS in CoS, a newcomer Steve asked me to paint a mini for his barbarian. He asked for a blue and yellow theme. I like the end result.

I have been painting this Alain the Iconic Cavalier. This miniature will be used for my own character, Alexite von Crispin-Thrune. Alexite is a Bard/ Rogue/ Cavalier/ future HellKnight.


Friday, February 11, 2011

Commissions February 2011

Here I painted two miniatures for Pathfinder Role-playing. The pictures - as usual - do not do the miniatures justice.

The first one is a Taldan Oracle of bones fighting with wands. I painted this one for my good friend Kerney.

And this one I painted for my own character, a gunslinger for Paizo's playtest of Ultimate Combat. I will have play test credit for my participation at Neoncon.


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

PaizoCon 2011, one-offs and much writing

I have finally got off my butt and booked my trip to PaizoCon in June and reserve my hotel room - that I will share with fellow VC Auke Teeninga from Benelux. That's done. Best part of it: PaizoCon falls around the time that Julie and the kids leave for their yearly trip to Montreal! So it should not cost me too many wife points. All good I tell ya.

PaizoCon will be a first for me in many ways.

  • It will be my first trip to the Pacific Northwest
  • It will be the first time I go to a big non-WotC con (I attended Winter Fantasy and D&DXP a few times).
  • It will be the first time I get to meet a number of my fellow Venture-Captains.

Following my Doctor Who experience, I have been thinking about a followup or sequel to "Somewhen in Time". Something perhaps more elaborate and with a fixed table throughout. I have been thinking about seeing if I could run it as part of Petrie's Family Games store's RPG schedule. Since I am still in the thinking phase of the idea, I am still waffling about what/how to do it. So for now, its just a project for another day... I mean with Valentine's Day, and Genghis Con coming up, I'm pretty tied up... So for you Doctor Who fans... it'll be a few weeks at least.

On top of that, Jim, the son of my good friends John & Pam contacted me about doing some Mutants and Mastermind. Although I do not have the time to commit to a full, regular campaign, I do miss seeing them and will have to work on something for them. Perhaps a game day format or short 2-3 shots.

What has been consuming most of my free time lately - other than my "MAIN" job has been a number of projects with LPJ Design. I am currently working at overhauling the Base Book for the setting. I am very proud with the results. It has more than the original, including archetypes (4 right now), prestige classes (more than 5), new feats (over 70 as I write this) and the history of the world and gazetteer with a number of surprises added.

This is pretty much a full rewrite of the setting. Not so much because of new material, but because the document has been massively reorganized, allowing for quick searching. The biggest change is in the gazetteer. The old province names have been replaced with the name of the current states (so the entry for the Caneus Empire is now under Caneus Empire and not Nas, with its own history, adventure locations, character options, adventure hooks and a few important NPCs). I have gone through a number of LPJD products and gathered material to add to the final product, really making it the one-stop shop for NeoExodus. Good enough to have someone pick it up and run a NeoExodus campaign.

This book is - as of right now - over 70 pages long with out any art or Louis' magic touch to make the documents look good. I am very excited about it. If only I had like 8 weekends so I could run one day of NeoExodus a week!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Dr Who Pictures

I want to thank Shannon MicroCon's organizer for the pictures.

The Doctor shows off his sonic screwdriver

The party (Wogo, William, Theela, Lady Gwendolyn, Capt Gilbert-Andre)

Napoleon appears before the PCs!

The PCs attack Napoleon's tent

The 11th Doctor creates a device to summon the TARDIS

A Mini-Dalek tries to take the sonic screwdriver