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Friday, May 31, 2013

Denver Comic Con is upon us again!

Denver Comic Con is upon us again!

I would like to say that I am really looking forward to it, but I have just been so completely swamped under real work that I would need an extra two weeks to prepare what I need for it. And that would be barely scraping by...

I had originally planned on putting out a new NeoExodus Legacies adventure, of which I've been talking about for weeks now. However, I have not been able to complete it. I know, it's weird... I have all the combats in there, the story is sound.

But it is missing some Zazz...

There is something there that makes it good, but not great. I know, I know, "Do not make Great the enemy of Good" but I have difficulty agreeing with that. So I have a choice: putting something I don't find great out there or hold on it.

I decided to keep it back. That way I will be able to get it done to my liking AND I'll get to focus on PaizoCon... Hopefully I get to finish all I need to!


Sunday, May 26, 2013

Sunday Humor: A New Tintin!

Tintin books really formed my young mind. I remember reading each of them religiously... and taking 3 days to finish a single album... Now I read much faster but my old Tintin albums still in my bookshelf.

To add to my enjoyment, The Empire Strikes Back was the first Star Wars movie I saw at the movies when I was 6 years old... merge the two and the result is awesome!

Then I saw this and I laughed out loud!

Friday, May 24, 2013

A Savage Weekend: Thanksgaming + CityWide Game Event

It's been a week already since it happened, but Thanksgaming was AWESOME. Those who missed it really missed a fun event with awesome GMs. And really awesome prizes for charity.

I was scheduled to run NeoExodus in the morning, but my slot didn't go off. I had a few people who wanted to play, but it didn't happen. So I jumped into Liam-S's Star Opera game using Savage Worlds. Yes, the same Liam that ran the Buffy extravaganza a few weeks before. And he did not disappoint this time again! The story was a mix of Star Wars/Star Trek (with serial numbers filed off) where our team was sent to find survivors on-board a space station. I played the greedy smuggler character. Fast forward to borg/cybermen and a veritable horde of things. The highlight was no doubt the double-fist blind guy shooting wildly and hurting the party more than the bad guys. Needless to say, we survived, but failed horribly. It was such a laugh throughout that it didn't really matter. What we were doing.

Fun times.

In the afternoon, I was slotted to play Necessary Evil - that's the super hero setting where aliens conquer Earth and the good heroes get killed, leaving only the villains to save the world. This time, I played Skyler, a Robin-ish character who is actually a good guy seeking to save people. I made him the stereotypical borderline gay (he joined the cheer-leading squad because of the choreography), he sang Broadway tunes, and stood around in girlish poses. Yes, he got abused by the group. A lot. The rest of the table: Ron-B, Wendy, Dustin... It was just madness. We succeeded in our mission but it was... It was wrong at so many levels. Thank God there weren't any kids at the table...

More fun

I will admit that the game I was most looking forward to of the day was Derek-J's Deadland's game in the evening. I like Derek and his GMing style. Plus I got to make my own character: an Indian scout. I was looking forward to play it all week as I tweaked the character. However, lack of players led to the game not happening. I was pretty bummed after all this hype I felt.

Finally I had a choice between going home or playing Sequoyah's The Edge setting. I was not overly enthused for the setting (I wanted Deadlands), but I knew of Sequoyah's tables and knew he was a great GM. So I gave it an honest try.

Okay... That setting is REALLY messed up. It's a weird mix of post-apocalyptic horror mixed with Silent Hill and Necromunda. In short, it was great, horrific and extremely dangerous (we didn't survive it). But it was really cool to play!

So I went home on a Savage Worlds high... Though the day hadn't panned out the way I planned, it turned out for the better anyway.

Although not part of Thanksgaming, I went to Petrie's on Sunday where they were holding the City-Wide Game Event... And guess what? I got to play Deadlands! Woohoo! I was playing Clementine, a crazy Cajun lady with her alligator "Jeezus" which led to a lot of laughs. I really enjoyed playing that with the always excellent Roger-F as a GM. The table of Lenny, Neale & myself was... well we're old guys now! :D

I went home later on a high note. I played 4 Savage Worlds events in one weekend: the most I ever did. And in spite of things not going according to plan, I embraced the chaos and had me a great time.

In conclusion, Thanksgaming raised over 1,000$ for the Boulder Humane society! Good job everyone!

On to Comic Con next!


Wednesday, May 22, 2013

My next PFS character is here!

And now a little commission for myself! Woohoo! He is going to be a priest of Razmir, the living god of Golarion! I went with a simple dirty grey-white scheme and a white mask - as most of them wear. This character has yet to play in the campaign... or even be built... But he'll be cool.


Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Commissions for May 2013 and a facepalm

Its been a while since I posted commission work. All of these are for my friend Jacob M.

The first mini is a halfling. I had initially thought of going with a more green theme for the cloak. However, after talking with Jacob, his character works for Osirion which is an Egyptian-flavored region. So instead, I went with a dark brown to provide him a better desert camouflage. As usual, the picture does not do justice to the depth of color on the cloak...

This second mini is a samurai. I really spent a lot of time on the kimono. I spent a lot of time looking at ancient kimonos design for inspiration. I finally found this pale green with flowers. I like how it finally came out. The face in particular looks real good!

The final mini is a winter witch and her arctic fox. I found the dog/fox in one of my old packs of minis. For this one, I went very classic blue and white. Her skin was initially blue, then I used a thin layer of skin and white to give her skin an odd color. She came out real nice.

I was going to buy one for my own winter withc, Katja, but with Jacob having this mini I will have to find another one. I am thinking of using my Rasputina... GAH!

Now for the facepalm. So I had more models to do for Jacob... Namely to of Reaper's big bears. Yes, I know. Bears! So I painted them up... And promptly forgot about them on my "drying table" (yes, I have one of those... that's where my magic dipped minis wait impatiently the final touch ups). As I flocked and sealed the charity minis and this batch of commissions (I have more). These two bears stayed there, literally, out to dry.


So I will have to finish them another time... With the next batch of models.

Facepalm indeed...


Monday, May 20, 2013

My PaizoCon events have been turned in to LPJ

I have turned in my PaizoCon events for NeoExodus. This year, I am freed from having to do any Pathfinder Society, so I went "big", offering three adventures. Two of those were already run at Denver events and other such games. Those two adventures, should help give those who participate a better feel for the setting. Like last year, the Interactive will have major repercussion on the game world!

Here are the adventures, blurbs and slots I requested. So things are subject to change.

92-LC-02 Shattered Peace By JP Chapleau

The year 91AU ended with a summit in the small village of Ektawara in Koryth. There, diplomats and senators argued and failed to reach a verdict about the Protectorate’s invasion of Sametia. However, many questions remain unanswered about this summit where accusations of corruption, conspiracy and cover-ups run rampant. Is it too late for the Imperial Alliance to keep the peace between the nations of Exodus? Or will it be left with little more than a shattered peace? An adventure written for APLs 3 and 5 (characters level 3-6). Rules for character creation can be found here

Slot: Friday Afternoon & Sunday Morning

92-LC-03 A rose by any name By Linda Weygant-Robison & JP Chapleau

Nyssa, capital of the Caneus Empire, is an old city where ancient rivalries mingle with modern ones. In an empire known for its stability, its heart is rotting. What first seemed like a simple affair of muggings may soon turn into an affair of state. An adventure for APLs 3 and 5 (character levels 3-6). Rules for character creation can be found here

Slots: Saturday Morning & Sunday Afternoon

92-LI-04 As if it could get any worse By JP Chapleau

For the past two years, the nations of Exodus have encroached on the lands of the Janus Horde. Though battles were won and lost, the Arman Protectorate has declared their Sametian Conquest under the protection of the Tsarina. This state of affair does not please many in the Imperial Alliance, and many are willing to do something about it. Rules for character creation can be found here

Slot: Saturday Afternoon

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Friday, May 17, 2013

Charity Minis for Thanksgaming

Thanksgaming is just a few hours away. And I finally finally finished the minis I'm giving away for the raffle.

These models I grouped in three groups. The first group is composed of Pulp/ WWI/ Steampunk miniatures. These are a mix of Cobblestone and Old Glory. The two male models painted up pretty easily. The woman's scarf I initially planned on making a Union Jack on her scarf. But after two tries where it just looked horrible, I gave up and instead went with a cross of St George - the flag of England. I think it works well.

The second group includes models that are fantasy characters. The first is a StoneHaven Mini Dwarf Barbarian (one of those I got from their dwarf mini kickstarter). These dwarves are full of character and paint up nice and quick. The second is a character that could easily be in the previous section, a knife-throwing woman. Next is a Crusader/Norman-era fighter. I painted him with a Taldor color from the Pathfinder setting of Golarion. The last one is a Viking warrior. I gave him an oversized axe... because let's face it, it's just so much cooler with a big axe!

The third group is composed of a single mini. This is a Prymidian for the NeoExodus setting. He has his tentacles out.

The final group is also a single. This is the evil cultist. Someone who can appear any time, any where... As long as there is a nefarious plot and a nice virgin to sacrifice. This bad boy is planning to do bad things...


Thursday, May 16, 2013

Witch Hunter 2e: A kickstarter by PCI

You know me by now. I am a consumate and avid devoted of history. Most books I read have a strong historical tint to them. I define anything in my game worlds. I am particularly interested in the 16th through 19th century European history. As a French descendant, I have a strong penchant towards history of France.

However, history is something that does not exist in a vaccuum. To understand what France does, you need to know what was happening in England, Spain and Italy. To watch the repercussions of a decision, of a victory, one cannot simply look at a single factor or location.

A long, roundabout way to introduce my subject... I was talking to the guys at PCI about Arcanis when Peter mentioned to me about their latest kickstarter. This time for their Witch Hunter: The Invisible World 2nd Edition game. I have, in the past glanced at the game but never got a chance to play it. And I rarely spend any time on games I know I have limited opportunity to play... (one of the reason I give little love to Rifts and Robotech on this blog, I would give them more, but alas I don't get to play)...

Though I have not played it yet (isn't that a common theme these days?), I am really psyched about this new edition of Witch Hunter. I talked a little with the PCI people and I cannot wait for this to land at my door..

Witch Hunter is set in the world of Solomon Kane, in the 1690. OMG! Just during one of the periods of history that thoroughly fascinate me! The PCs take on the role of hunters trying to hunt down the horrors of the world. Quite interesting...

To sweeten the deal, PCI is offering an organized play option for the game! I spoke with them and that has really sealed the deal for me. I really hope we get to see games of it here in the Front Range... Please chip into this one if you can. The rewards are just too cool. There are just a few hours left... So don't delay too long!

Here is a direct link to the kickstarter.


Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Early Announcements for Denver Comic Con!

With Denver Comic Con just two weeks away, things are starting to take shape.

First, the NeoExodus adventure is nearing the end (I need to re-tweak a few stat blocks and clean up some text). This adventure will be the first one to be set in the Confederacy.

I know, I know, the Free RPG Day adventure is in the Confederacy - sort of, so that's our second one set in the sweltering jungles. After all these cold-based adventures (like my beloved B1 Cold Visitor and this year's first adventure: 92-LC-01 Bloody Ice) writing about the heat and the humidity is a welcomed relief. Different problems, really. I will post about Temple of the Forbidden God and NeoExodus Legacies altogether as we get closer to Free RPG Day. Yes, I have a few comments and advice for GMs wishing to run the adventure.

One of the big firsts for me is that I will be part of a panel on RPGs with guys I really esteem. I must thank the tireless efforts of Linda W-R who got us a spot on Saturday afternoon for our panel.

The panel will include Darrell Hardy, Justin Suzuki (one of the minds behind Thanksgaming and Roleplay DNA), and others (whom I can't remember right now). It will be Saturday 2-3pm in room 109, come and hear us out. I fully expect it will be extremely entertaining.

The topic of our talk will be (at least I think it will be) "How to break into the RPG/Publishing business". If you ever wanted to know how we did it, that is a great way to learn. I'm always looking for adventure writers for Legacies...

I'm really looking forward to doing this panel. It should be very interesting. I'll "secretly" admit that I am very curious myself as to how the other guys got into the industry.

More on Comic Con as we get closer. Now I have to work on my NeoExodus home game and Thanksgaming...


Sunday, May 12, 2013

Sunday Funnies: Tie-Thulhu a workplace horror

This is not new, but I still got a chuckle out of it.


Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Is OSR the problem child? [Rant, Response]

The internet is abuzz with the recent posting of a certain Peter Bebergal's post on You can read the full article here.

Everyone got their shield and holy shields raised with a case of "oh no! not me". And they went off rants of their own.

I am NOT a fan of this OSR, even if a lot of the things I do and like would put me in league with the old schoolers. However, I have a profound dislike for the rules set of these old games.

I think he has pros and cons in his post.

Where we agree

Recent editions are only for money I mean really. Yes. But it's not unique to WotC. *EVERY* company is in it to make money. While a few guys may seek to "just put out stuff", the time it takes to produce something is non-negligible. Yes, they all want money. Is WotC more money-grubbing than say, Paizo, or LPJ Design is a WHOLE other debate.

WotC missed the boat on the PDF/PoD ship I think that is also given. While their competition embraced the digital age, WotC isolated themselves from the RPG world. I cannot quite fault them for that. By doing so, they really supported local game stores.

WotC published on a "Magic: The Gathering" model I think 4e in particular was build with that in mind: change your whole stock every 3-4 years rather than the 15+ years of 1e, 11 years of 2e, 8/5 years of 3/3.5. 4e had a life of what 2 years before 4.5 came out? And I think they felt the whiplash from that one. Many friends of mine left 4e at that time.

WotC's republishing their old material is a good thing I will admit that I had no interest in buying any of them, but I saw the wisdom and the good sense. For them, it is "free money" in that they do not have to spend a dime on re-design. The sales of PDFs of old products is also a windfall of freebies for them. Since they have no cost to themselves: only PDF sales.

Where we disagree

OSR promotes character development That is a common reason given by the OSR crowd to why their game is/was better. In my experience a good player will be good whether he plays OSR, 1-tru-4e, Pathfinder, Warhammer, Gurps or Fate. I've seen "cardboard players" in all of the above and I've played with awesome people also in all of the above. The ability to play a role is more dependant on the PLAYER rather than the background/ campaign/ character/ setting/ rules. For some - even in the "olden days" - it was all about leaving a trail of bodies behind them. I remember that all people wanted to do was kill stuff and become known for brutality and lovely elf maidens.

Ah.... Elf maidens... I haven't forgotten you...


OSR had fewer rules Just because there were fewer rule books in those days does not mean fewer rules. Going from one group to another in those days meant you had to learn how each DM had house ruled everything. Even things like hit points, AC calculations, ability checks could be massively different. If you had the change of getting a stable group - I didn't until I was MUCH older - then you were constantly learning the rules.

While interesting and fun, I never felt I could have a good handle on the rules (something the then-future-wargamer in me had difficulty adapting to).

OSR is all about nostalgia Though I disagree with him on this, there is a measure of truth. Many have gone to OSR as a way to "play something different". But to state that OSR as a whole appeals mostly to old nerds who refuses change... I disagree. Those guys have never stopped playing their BECMI edition or the books from the original Greyhawkbox. OSR for them is "Only School". Doesn't matter what, they would not move away from their prevered holy version.

Then there is a new phenomena, one of players going to try it to "see what the buzz is about".

OSR games were all about the plot No. No. and OH HELL NO. While a given GM may have put the focus on the plot, most adventures' plot involved you breaking down a door and beating up some poor schmuck for his gold.

Like OSR = character development, this affirmation is equally as false. For given groups/GMs, yes, but a blanket statement cannot be made.

What he does not say

One thing I have learned in my years of gaming is that gamers are a mixed lot and no two are alike. Making blanket statements on gamers as a group is difficult to hold to any scrutiny.

Similarly, assuming one person means you cannot derive a rule is wrong. "Nobody plays elf these days." "Not true! I have an elf character! You are generalizing." Touchy subject.

... Still thinking about the elf maidens...



Tuesday, May 7, 2013

GatorCon: Mini-Con report

This past Saturday, I attended GaterCon at Standley Lake High School in Westminster, CO. I woke up early, fought off the urge to return to sleep. Even if the kids had already ruined any such attempt... I had already packed my car the night before to limit what I would have to carry on-site. I had my dangling poster, my maps, my minis, my little trolly and my enormous map...

As I got there, I met with Jacque (CO-VC), Bill, Russ-B and Michael-D who got there same time as I did. The RPGs were set in the school library. It brought me back to my own high school's library: it was in the basement, dank, scary and generally unwelcoming (my HS was built in the 19th century and expanded in the 50s).

As things began to settle, it became clear that either my or Russ's PFS table wasn't going to happen. When suddenly a group of people arrived and Russ's game went off. Having played the adventure (and having no interest in replaying PFS scenarios), I asked Michael Dulock if he could squeeze me in. Luck would have it, he could!

So I played my first game of Hollow Earth with the Ubiquity System. I enjoyed myself a lot. The characters were quite flavorful for iconic/ default characters. I played the truth-obsessed Irish freelance reporter, Ursula McManaman. A fun character. Michael is a great and very dynamic GM, which really increased my enjoyment of the game.

The table had a number of memorable players and people with whom I hadn't played with in a while - such as Jonathan, Ron, and Marc-G. (Shout out to you guys!)

Not really holding my breath, the next slot had no one show up for my game again. *sigh* A group of us GMs looked at each other and decided to play a Buffy-like Savage Worlds run by Liam.

Before I go any further, Liam is 14 and I believe he attends SLHS (but I'm not sure). I know a lot of older guys are worried about "the next generation", well I am not. He did a FANTASTIC job throwing curve balls to us old guys and keeping us guessing with a plot I would've loved to come up with myself. The plot started very Buffy-esque "you go to this town in Oregon where a bunch of bloodless bodies were found... Oh look vampires!" Type thing to a zoned-out ghost-demons-and-witches-fest. And the whole thing made sense!

And there I was worried about sparkly vampires.

How wrong was I!

I strongly recommend playing with this super-imaginative kid. Give the new guys a chance and you can be greatly rewarded. I certainly was!

I played Ebenezer McLure, a 66 year old grumpy, bossy and mean man. Is it me or are those secret ingredient NOT to gibe me? I did things like: drive 5mph UNDER the speed limit, be rude to all the young 'uns, tell stories of "in my days" or "back during the war". Too much fun for my own good. I was surrounded by a group of dangerously unstable hunters with a propensity for shooting first.

For final slot, I again had no one to play, so I packed up and went home. I was somewhat disappointed about not getting to GM any NeoExodus, but the two games I got to play were of very good quality and extremely fun. So good things came out from a "bad" situation.

I got home early on Saturday and got to watch Doctor Who and Orphan Black without the kids running around. Another plus!

I am definitely planning on attending next year - whether as a player or a GM. Hopefully it won't fall on the same weekend as Free Comic Book Day.