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Monday, November 27, 2017

[Akhamet] Insight into design of a new campaign setting

I have been working non-stop on Akhamet, my idea for a mini-setting with an adventure path linked to it.

So I put together a few bullet points that give insight into this latest idea.

Akhamet is NOT like Egypt

Akhamet is not Ancient Egypt. The presence of active magic, the presence of many different, intelligent races, the gods’ direct involvement in the affairs of the world, and the geography are all different.

Throughout the history of Ancient Egypt, it was a nation connected to the rest of the world. Akhamet is an insular nation without any neighbors.

The gods themselves are named and based on the gods of Egypt. However, their portfolios, domains, and attitudes are not the same.

Akhamet is like Egypt

Akhamet draws upon Ancient Egypt: the architecture, appearance of the people, the people’s view of the world, the desire for peace, and the ecology. These serve as great

Its gods, peoples, legends, cities and stories are quite different. While this setting is inspired and draws from Egyptian folklore, it is not.

Dead Rise

Dead bodies left unattended and without receiving proper funerary rites arise as undead creatures, typically ghasts, ghouls, or zombies. These creatures roam about, hunting for the living.

Priests of Anubis cannot mummify everyone using the full rites, so the gods provided their priests with spell to prevent this.

God among us

Pharaoh is a living god whose home is the palace in Ophara. As the god of the Sun, he is eternal and benevolent. Any word of His immediately becomes law.

The recent announcement of his illness and new state is highly unsettling for the people of Akhamet, for to doubt or wish ill of Pharaoh is to commit a major crime. Therefore his current status makes most people try to avoid talking about it.

No Heir

Much like the previous point, Pharaoh has over a thousand living children, the Retids. None of them ever dreamed or was ever groomed for the throne if Pharaoh were to die. The retids spend their lives trying to reconcile their divine nature with their common ancestries.

A few princes begin to think of themselves as potential successors to their father. More than a few are gathering loyal forces in case of an eventual civil war.

Priestly Administration

The civil service is composed of priests dedicated to one of the many gods of Akhamet. In any areas, priests rule over the populace. They serve as barristers, magistrates, professionals, scribes, and local rulers. Priests touch every aspect of life.

While not all priests are altruistic or moved by the plights of the locals, this arrangement brought stability, peace and prosperity to life.

There is no idea of a separation of church and state, or a lay administration. Saying such things, could be considered seditious.

Akhamet is yours

The idea of this mini-setting is to provide a basic framework to create adventures with an Egyptian-them. The content of this book is to support the adventure path.

How can I help with Akhamet

I am looking for people wanting to write for Akhamet: I want land, desert, island settlements written, sidetrek-style adventures (like a one-page dungeon). If you are interested in helping out and getting yourselves some writing credits - and a little cash, contact me directly at

Sunday, November 26, 2017

[Starfinder] Sailor Scouts... for adults

With Starfinder released, I bought a number of futuristic miniatures, from Foundry's Near Future range. I sold quite a few already and I kept a few to myself. However, my mix feelings towards Starfinder mean that I will not need to keep them.

These scantily-clad ladies I got the idea of painting them in an updated/ adult version of the the Sailor Scouts... They were definitely fun and a challenge to paint right. So little clothing is rare these days and well...

I do love me some bikini babes.

Saturday, November 25, 2017

YARRR! Pirates Gallore!

This group I won as part of a reward from a Kickstarter I took part in. A full crew of Halflings pirates! Can you say "Yarr" in a high-pitched voice?

The sculpt is good and simple, but very effective, reminding me a little big of Old Glory miniatures, but with MUCH better faces.

These guys paint up really well, and so quickly. My main complaint was when I was done, I wanted to paint more.

I added the Reaper cook to the crew because... well having a cook is always awesome.

Friday, November 24, 2017

[Undercity] City Guards

Here is a mob of city guards. These guys are from Croe's Cutthroat set, but I got this mob from the Undercity game. I am not overly impressed with the crispness of the details, so I opted to paint them in three groups of six.

These guys will serve as guards and all-purpose soldiers.

Friday, November 17, 2017

New Art for Akhamet

As I keep working on Akhamet, Zam keeps sending me these awesome pieces of art, completing the iconic characters (the others were posted in the previous post). I will be posting additional info on the races.

Monday, November 13, 2017

[ArcadiaQuest] No more pets

The final batch of Pets for Will's ArcadiaQuest. I am quite fond of the Mogwai and the turtle!

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Akhamet: A new mini-setting/adventure path from FOE

All this quiet time... I miss you guys, my reader.

Since becoming unemployed, I have not been idle. Between the interviews and work-related training, I came up with a wacky idea. As I churned the idea in my mind, I kept liking what I had. So here goes....

This is a setting inspired by ancient Egypt. Here, Pharaoh (not "the Pharaoh" but "Pharaoh") has ruled the land as a god-king for millennia. Just recently, the priest announced that He is dying. Speaking of Pharaoh dying, or not being king anymore is heresy...

Hand in hand with that, I have been thinking of a short adventure path to accompany the setting. I have the first adventure mostly done. I have two encounters to do. So I should soon be able to run this for people.

At first, I planned to do this for both Pathfinder AND 5e, but as I began to get into it, I decided to focus on 5e. Why? Simplicity of design, speed of design, and well I am much more in a 5e frame of mind. Doing only one system allows me to go faster. Plus who knows, I may decide to make a Pathfinder version later!

My idea for this is to have the adventure be allowed as part of Legacies, so you can play the adventure and get rewarded for it in the campaign, much like the Pathfinder Modules or the big adventures from the Adventure League. AL do it quite interesting...

Without burning too much yet, as a lot of stuff is still in the works, I leave you with some of Zam's art for the project. She has been doing awesome work for me and I'm very excited. There will be more coming. The following are going to be used as pregens for Akhamet games!

So what classes do you think they should be? What class would be fun to play with these guys?

[ArcadiaQuest] More pets!

Monday, November 6, 2017

[ArcadiaQuest] Pets gallore

Here are a few ArcadiaQuest pets I have been holding to for quite a while now. These are more of Will's collection.