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Thursday, November 30, 2023

Termagaunts/ Spitters and larvae swarms

These termagaunts are low-powered tyranids creatures armed with a variety of shooting weapons.

In SpaceFOE, they are called spitters and they carry venom weapons dealing poison damage.

And my always-loved larvae swarms. These larvae evolve into gnashers or spitters.

Wednesday, November 29, 2023

[SpaceFOE] Gangs or Conscripts

Many planets have a great disparity of wealth and access to resources, creating a class of gangs, thugs and punks. They gather in gangs and commit all sorts of crimes and rackets.

These gangers were pressed into service by richer people or drafted into the Army.

The Reds is a rival gang to the Greens. They have officers to serve in the Local Defense Force (LDF).

Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Plague Marines/ Plague Brothers

These plague marines are vile, plague-infected creatures. The last two pictures show all my plague marines together in a group shot (the ones that took part in this battle report)

In SpaceFOE, the Rot is a disease that affects everything, from living creatures to metallic structures. The Rot seeks to spread across the galaxy.

Monday, November 27, 2023

[SpaceFoe] Drones of Ivlae IV

Drones come from Ivlae IV, a planet filled with construct that serve a Collective Intelligence. The Collective is part of the Empire. Rogue Drones is a playable character race.

Sunday, November 26, 2023

[After Action Report] FOE day at the TEC

NB I thought I had posted this but that it is published in November means I did not.

On Sunday October 8th, at the TEC center in Murfreesboro TN, FOE invaded the regular campaign day. On offer: two introductory adventures.

ActionMan ran "Ghosts of Kurogawa" (which appears in the Ozaka Campaign Setting). This is the same adventure we ran multiple times previously, it was designed to use not only

The only sad thing is that neither of us thought of taking any picture of his game - and I forgot to remind him to take any. So this adventure will live on only in the memory of the brave adventurers who faced the wilds of Ozaka.

I reached out to some of his players and they gave him some great feedback AND provided constructive criticism.

I'm so proud to see a new generation of GMs starting to see a new generation taking up our mantle. It is so crucial for a hobby to have a new crop of GMs to run games and grow. And what's the only way for them to become good? Why, they must GM of course!

ActionMan and JP at ICCC

Meanwhile, I ran a new adventure introduction adventure set in Olympia, built on a similar frame as "Ghosts" and simply named "Bandits of Mytenia". This showcase adventure is designed to be easily alterable, making it so what the PCs are doing or looking for can be changed easily. Not fully modular but not far from it.

This adventure also uses a map with 3e terrain as a focal point for the game.

Bandit Camp Creatures revealed!!!

Saturday, November 25, 2023


Xenomorphs are great creatures. They were the antagonist of the greatest RPG game I ever played... So many memories with these dudes.

Plus, whenever they appear on the table, the players cower with fear.

Friday, November 24, 2023

[SpaceFOE NPCs] Cops and Security

The law is always present. However, since they are always short-handed and they often deal with heavily armored individuals. Therefore many officers command squads of heavy armored robots.

The picture show a lizardman officer surrounded by arrest robots and a canine robot. The last one show the giant robots.

These three guys are security personnel to reinforce the heavier security forces above. I painted them taking inspiration from the security forces from the movie Logan's Run.

Thursday, November 23, 2023

[SpaceFOE] Iconics

This week, I will be running a few early "alpha" version of SpaceFOE. This is an evolution to 5e I have been thinking about since the OGL debacle. Nothing overwhelming or crazy but it needs to be playtested and tried out to see if it breaks the game.

This week, I'll be running three sessions and reassess. One thing about that is that by having different players try out the iconics to uncover issues with the sheet, but different people approach characters and play differently, which will help me determine how well the system runs and uncover unexpected kinks.

The characters below are made very simple with easy archetypes and classes. No special FOE stuff. At this time, my focus is on the rules and how they run. Too fast, too slow, broken. And generally get some feedback.

SpaceFOE is an evolution of 5e, not a whole new game. I've taken into account things that annoyed me and things

Brother Lucius

Male Blue Praetorian Fighter
As a child, you only dreamed of become one of the Praetorians, one of the Emperor’s elite genetically-altered soldiers. You dreamed of glory and battles. When you were of age, you signed up and were chosen. After a long process, you were accepted as one of the Blue Cohort. You are currently on extended leave.

Brother Pius

Male White Praetorian Cleric
You remember little of your childhood except occasional glimpses of a pastoral landscape and your mother’s smile. You grew up in one of the orphanages and were recruited into the White Cohort because of your unshakable faith in the Benevolent light of the Emperor and the Imperial Cause. You are currently on a missionary tour to bring the faith to the far corners of the Empire.


Male Mutant Sorcerer
Your family comes from the lowest dregs of society. You decided to pull yourself out of this squalor and become someone important. You hold no illusion that it will be difficult for a mutant, but it can be done. You drunk the blood of the sacred dragon and now share its power. Only by amassing power and wealth can you reach your goals.


Drone Rogue
R1-K0 aka Rico spent the last few years among the wonder halls of the Tekno-Lodges across the galaxy researching all sorts of inventions. However, you have something of a reputation for taking items that are not yours “for later study.”

Tasha Skolenska

Female Human Bard
Born to a family of Navy officers, including many admirals and ship’s captains, you followed in their footsteps.However the strict regimen wore on you. You took an extended leave of absence to seek your fortune and make a name for yourself. You have a knack for commanding others and spur them on to greatness.


Male Human Wizard
Born on a planet where magic was common, you became an illusion with the intention to be rich. When the Empire conquered your planet, you defected without a second though. This whole universe of potential discoveries is filled with possibility to become wealthy beyond reason. You joined the Merchant Consortium to be with others sharing similar interest.

Wednesday, November 22, 2023

[SpaceFoe] Xyronian Battle Androids

The following creatures are the first batch of miniatures I painted for SpaceFOE, the work-in-progress title for First Ones' Entertainment's Sci-fi setting.

Created by a dying race as a way to prevent their ultimate defeat, they now fight as mercenaries for other entities. Their armies are slow but methodical. Their War Maidens serve as leaders armed with scythes.

War Maidens Heavy Warriors Warriors War Beetles

Sunday, November 19, 2023

[Kinda Book Report] The Noise of War

I bought myself book 2 of the sertorius scroll by Vernon B Davis. I read the first tome previously and it left me with a positive impression.

Now tome 2 starts shortly after tome 1 ends with Sertorius gravely wounded, having lost an eye during the finale. As I read it, I kept worrying this would turn into a long presentation of a man suffering from ptsd. And believe me, there are many reasons for him to suffer from that. The first half was pretty bleak and depressing. It fit the story but it was not what I wanted to read. It turned me off more than a little.

However not so much as to want to quit reading.

Perseverance paid off and the story picked up steam as the plot unfolded. It had a number of interesting twist, namely how he got into his spying mission and the mission itself was an interesting twist.

There are so many bad things happening to our man... again.

What about a rating... I will give this a 4/5. It lost points for the depressing tone of the first half. But the writing is good and the topic interesting.

I'm not surprised to find I rated this second tome the same as the first one... consistent, I guess.