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Friday, January 29, 2021

Kill Team: Adeptus Astartes vs Death Guard AAR

Last Weekend, ActionMan and I had to use the new Necromunda terrain in a game of Kill Team. We had originally set up the terrain to give ourselves many opportunities to use the multi-level-ness of this. Then we picked a scenario: Ambush.

The basis of the scenario is that one gang ambushes another and trie to slow it down. The defender/ambushee gets a bonus 20 points to beef up their gang.

The game is set to last at least four turns.

The Attacker: Separatists (Adeptus Astartes)

These are my space marines made using my classic 80s models. I played the role of the attacker for this scenario. Points: 100
- Sergeant with boltgun and power sword
- Tactical marine with meltagun
- Tactical marine with plasmagun
- Tactical marine
- Tactical marine
- Tactical marine

The Defender: Poopachus (Death Guard)

These models are a mix of the new set from First Strike and some older ones. ActionMan took on the role of the rotting champion of chaos. Points: 120
- Plague champion with plasmagun and power fist
- Plague marine with plague spewer
- Plague marine with plague spewer
- Plague marine with boltgun
- Plague marine with boltgun
- Plague marine with boltgun
- 6 x Poxwalker

ActionMan had to deploy along a narrow corridor in the center of the map. I had to deploy more than 8 inches from him, where I could set up anywhere along my left side. My marines were spread all along the "barrier" formed by the gantry, with only one of my marines - the plasma gunner - at the top. The rest had to deploy to slow the advance of the Death Guard.

For the first turn, the Death Guard advanced into a barrage of bolter fire, making effective use of the cover available with minimal damage. He managed to have one of his basic Plague Marine escape via the tunnels!

Turn two, one of the poxwalkers escaped into the tunnels for safety! Now, imperial shells began to take a toll on the forces of chaos. The imperial line held, with only the loss of the marine with the meltagun.

Turn three saw the tide of chaos flood the imperial line. With close combat raging everywhere, shooting became secondary. The Death Guard and poxwalker's disgustingly resilient saves came into play more than not and the battle was in the balance.

Turn four saw the imperial forces gain the upper hand with concentrated fire and lucky melee outcomes. Still, the forces of Chaos did not fail as a poxwalker made it across and another one escaped through the tunnels. He needed three more to escape for the win!

Turn Five happened on a roll of 4. Now the remaining imperial forces blasted away and slowed down the Death Guard enough to ensure they would not escape this turn. Still, by the end of the turn, they were poised to run off and pull off a win on turn 6.

However, Turn 6 never came and the Separatists won by slowing down the Death Guard.

In the end, ActionMan should have used his escape on the poxwalkers and leave the plague marines to walk (slowly) across the field. He made great use of charges to speed up his forces. In the end, he was not able to punch enough of a hole through the marines to guarantee his escape.

A close affair indeed.

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