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Sunday, January 24, 2021

Scratch-built Necromunda/40k Terrain

Since Christmas, my mind has been going to Necromunda.I rememberl fondly the cardboard spires that came with the original game and that 3d view that really gave the game its appeal. It was not "just" hiding behind walls, but you could could run up and surprise the enemy by using the gantries. I liked it. A lot.

So you can imagine my surprise when the 2017 game came with doors and barricades. The 3d terrain relegated to ANOTHER box. "Nope," I told myself as I resolved to scratch build some terrain that would have multiple levels.

Some of my design ideas:
- Must be light (popsicle sticks/coffee stirrer/ chipboard)
- Must be reusable and posable
- The basic color scheme would be rusted metal with broken/uneven floor tiles
- Must allow a heavy miniature anywhere on the upper structure (particularly for the flat surfaces, I used a warmachine metal warjack)
- Floor tiles would be dirty black and white
- MY arm/ hand must be able to reach under the floor.
- The largers surfaces would be crooked to give the impression that things have rusted and twisted with time.

So with all these ideas, I set out to do it all.

Once everything was built and painted, I opted to add the printed posters for highlights, but also the neon green sludge on the tiles to give it some more highlights.

The result really pops with the eye drawn to the black and white and the fluo sludge. I like the result.

ActionMan liked it too.

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