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Saturday, November 28, 2020

Princesses Save Pemrose

So on Black Friday, I ran a new adventure called "Wine with a Succubus" where the players took on the roles of our iconic Princesses characters. The princesses are a collection of playable PC races inspired by the characters we all know. I took a screenshot of part of the action with our girls fighting goblins in the streets.

The pregens are pretty interesting when played, and running a group of them creates a fun dynamic.

I had originally planned to have a second game but I had cancellations... So I had to call it off. I will try to re-run it.

Princesses is available on the DM's Guild now. It is the product of a collaboration between myself and Ibsen Zayas who drew many of the characters.

A big thank you to most of my Friday night group: ActionMan, Ava, Kitty, and Tommy.

Friday, November 27, 2020

FOE BlackFriday/CyberMonday Sale!

FOE is having a big 20% off sale on most of our titles on both DriveThru RPG and the DM's Guild!

Check 'em out!

Thursday, November 26, 2020

Feathers of Zariel Released on DM's Guild

I just released my first DiA product: two magic items gathered in a product called simply Feathers of Zariel. In there are the Feather of Zariel, and the Dark Feather.

You can get it on the DM's Guild. Feathers of Zariel by FOE.

Sunday, November 22, 2020

FOE Writing Update

A big update on all the major writing projects I am working on was published on the Patreon.

Tuesday, November 10, 2020

[After Action Report] Virtual GameholeCon 2020

This past weekend was filled with so much gaming that made it awesome. I attended Virtual Gameholecon (normally) out of Milwaukee.

This massive orgy of gaming started on Thursday night when I played in a Legend of the Five Rings home game. Now this was not part of the con program but it counted that way for me. More on that particular game in a different post...

Then Friday, I was scheduled to run two games: Akhamet in the morning and Rhym in the afternoon. I had only one player show up for the morning Akhamet game. It did not go off, but instead I played a tier 3 Adventure League game.

Friday night was my regular game with the kids, set in Rhym. The kids explored a dwarven complex that was not-quite fully abandonned as they sought the criminal known as the Weevil. They did not find her just yet but found a number of oddities within the dungeon...

Throughout Saturday, I played three more Adventure League games, finally getting my highest-level character to level 16! Only took around 4 years! Fun times. I also got to play the first season 10 epic and had a blast, aided by some terrible dice rolling on the part of the entire party!

Sunday morning was more Adventure League, this time with a new(ish) character exploring the frozen locations of the North. Pretty tough...

For the afternoon slot, I was scheduled to play the latest offering for Arcanis. After a little drama, the game started. A little late but we managed to get a group together. A fun group of regulars. Now the only downside was that we overran and I had to run for dinner. An interesting start to a new plotline I am curious where it will go.

Kudos to the Arcanis leadership for passing out a questionnaire about the likes/dislikes of the players. My own entry got some near-immediate follow-up questions from leadership. We'll see what, if any, changes are implemented based on that.

What did I ask for, you ask? "MORE PLAY OPPORTUNITIES" I make no secrets of that. Been saying it for a long time!


- Games with seats were easy to find

- Friendly Crowd, everyone was eager for some gaming.

- Got to play Adventure League at tiers 1,2, and 3! I almost never manage to play T3 stuff.

- Well-prepared GMs. I complained about this at quite a few other events, but not here. The GMs were all ready to go, knowledgeable and prepared to run their adventure.


- Non-Adventure League attendance was low. My 3 events were cancelled from lack of attendance and from what I heard, many of the Arcanis tables went the same way. There were a few non-AL that seemed to be well-attended but they appeared to be local/ recurring events.

- The website is wonky, and takes some getting used to. There is a lot of clicking around to get what you want.

Final Thoughts

I enjoyed myself and will think about attending in the coming years. This would simplify it greatly if it remains online.

Fun times!