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Friday, February 22, 2013

[Rant] Really Wotc? Highjack Free RPG Day?

Earlier this week, I heard that Wizards of the Coast will be doing a "Worldwide Game Day" and that they will NOT be participating in Free RPG Day. Both of those are fine. If WotC wants to do its own thing, they can. Last year's FRPGD 4e stayed on the shelf at my FLGS as no one wanted to touch it. The game was dead, we all knew it.

What really pisses me off is when WotC goes and schedule its WWGD ON THE SAME DAY as Free RPG Day.


This might be a way to get people back to their games. But they will not generate goodwill by highjacking/sabotage other people's event. I accuse you of trying to stir people away from games so they can play 4e/5e only.

When I set up events, I try to see what other large-scale events are happening. I don't try to set events to compete with others, to make sure as many people as possible can attend events. I might've been interested in trying out some of their latest product, but now I will not and will focus on the NeoExodus and Pathfinder offering.

I guess the thing that really ticks me off the most about it is that I would *LIKE* to see WotC be a leader of the community like it was. However, when they pull crap like this, its like they just try to say "F-U" to the rest of the community. Rather than work with others, they just do their own thing and expect the rest of the RPG world to follow suit.

Unfortunately, the RPG community doesn't work to whatever WotC says anymore. WotC is no longer the only flagship of the RPG world. It is a big player, but just because they say something doesn't mean we'll do it. For many years now they've been the Microsoft of gaming: the big brute on the block who pushed everyone around. Kinda like Games Workshop in the world of minis.

Pulling this stunt does not endear them to me, and I assume a number of other members of the community.

Too bad, I thought WotC had a good chance of repairing their reputation and generate some of positive view among those who do not expect much from 5e.

I guess this isn't much of a rant, more a post of disappointment on a missed opportunity.



  1. From a purely selfish viewpoint...I can now go to a gaming store on that day and get twice the loot.

  2. Do you have a link to the announcement of "Worldwide Game Day"?

    1. Here goes:

    2. Thanks. I did try to find the information, before I asked.

      Now I can join in!

      WotC, you suck!

  3. Yeah, it looks like a real dick move on WotC's part to have their event on the same day as FRPGD. I still plan on attending FRPGD- WotC and 4e/5e are dead to me.

  4. I guess... I don't get the big deal? Free RPG day is a bunch of stuff getting set out in the store for you to take. WotC is going to run a free adventure, instead of handing one out. *shrug*
    Maybe it's just how my FLGS runs these things, but I don't see these things interfering with one another...

  5. Not sure how this is a problem

  6. Simple put, WOTC does not lead the RPG industry in sales, Paizo does. And good will goes far in the RPG industry.

  7. I'm not sure I understand either. How is having an "anyone can participate" event that occurs on the same day and at the same venues as another free activity constitute hijacking? Seems like they are giving you more things to do at your local gaming store.

    1. The issue is that rather than running their own event, where everyone can participate and they can get their own spotlight, they create a special event on the side.

      It's like having Rush, The Rolling Stones, AC/DC and Van Halen in the same town, the same night and you have tickets for all of them. Wouldn't it be better to have different date so you could attend one or all?

    2. It seems closer to having those band at the same festival, that goes all day and you only have to pay once to go to and you can go watch whatever you like when you like... Some may over lap, but nothing is exclusive. It's not like they aren't going to be in the same place. People can pick up some free stuff and check out the WotC stuff, or just do one or the other and it's all the same really.

      And also, I'm not sure what the sales thing has to do with anything. It just sort of feels like making a big deal just because it's a chance to knock WotC.