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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Writer's block sucks!

For the past few weeks I've been either putting down ideas for our Free RPG Day Kickstarter or actively writing the adventure. I have a lot of great ideas, LPJ and I came up with (you'll remember I posted a lot about it over the past few months). I have a number of encounters written, a cool premise, a set up for Owen Stevens and Lee to make the adventure even bigger and MORE awesome. I mean this is one of my favorite adventures so far, up there along with Cold Visitor.

Then Tuesday it hit me.

The dreaded writer's block.

Oh no, not the "I have nothing more to write about this" block but the "how am I gonna fit all this in here" block. I need to remove material and change a few things around to be able to fit as much of it as I can. And that's where the problem lies. What do I take out before putting it in?

Very annoying.

So taking and alternative route to just plugging in stuff I wasn't sure would fit, I took some of the elements I thought were "more generic" (and it sounds really strange to write this) and added them to another adventure I have been working on. This has effectively allowed me to "get out of my system" some of the encounters I felt would've been contrived and forced into "Temple".

This is a technique I learned from a fellow writer who said that he always keeps a few small projects to advance when the writers' block hits. It really works! Now I have a number of new ideas for "Temple".

And I'm at my day job... so those ideas will have to wait.



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