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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Pathfinder Society Commissions for March

It has been a while since I posted commission work. Well I'm happy to post that this situation is ended!

The first one is something of an odd request... Steve-B for whom I painted an Amiri a while ago and a lot of Malifaux models now has his character leveled up and tougher than before. So he found Reaper's tiefling model much to his liking because of the horns and the spikes on its right arm. So he asked me to paint this one up "like the other one". I did a few things to convert the model, the most important was to swap the sword from a rapier to something more like the original... I found an old plaguebearer sword I used. I was not convinced initially about it, but after a lot of putting the still-metal mini next to the screen, it grew on me. The sword looks more "feral" than Amiri's but it works. Next was the painting...

The armor designs are not the same, but I tried to keep as true to the original as I could (again painting with the picture on-screen). I debated putting a pattern on the red "backskirt" but in the end decided not to - to keep to the original. The tiefling's armor has a lot of motifs, which I spent more attention on for Martin's mini here, left more subdued, to give the impression of something stitched into the armor design. I was apprehensive about it, but it worked out pretty good in the end.

When Steve's character rages she becomes one ugly lady! I put a link to the original next to the next version and the final models have a nice, united feel to them which worked out better than I thought!

This second commission is for Tom-C. Tom plays in my NeoExodus home game on Tuesday nights. I have another model for him which I will put up tomorrow. He bought the iconic PFS druid for his PFS character.

Tom's request was "Gnome: bubblegum pink hair with fold eyes and tanned skin".He asked for "bubblegum hair". Which is what I provided... I made a number of touch and wash on the hair but it looks pretty pink to me! The picture does not do justice to the hair, which appear darker in person. I wanted her clothes in a drab, simple color to make her hair really pop. I chose green because it is a good color for the contrast but also because it makes for some realistic clothes and it can be low-key while still looking good.

Like the entire Pathfinder range of models by Reaper, this one is great to paint. They paint up easily and quick, which I like. My issue with this one is the size of it. There are relatively few areas to add accent. I did put something on the skirt: a floral pattern. This pattern is nice and simple.

The sickle I chose to make out of bone/ivory rather than the usual steel... It also gives it an accent on the relatively drab colors of her clothing.

What do you think? I am available to paint your minis!


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