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Monday, June 4, 2012

Call of Cthulhu: Dark Trenches WWI British Figs

Years ago, while I was living in Ireland (wow, that's already 10+ year ago!), I bought some miniatures from "Over the Wire"'s line of "England Invaded" figs. They were the only World War One figures I have. When I began working on Dark Trenches, I went and dug through my boxes of unused stuff. And there they were... My Entente Infantry: British and French troops. I find that painting miniatures of a given period helps me to focus on that period. I don't want to say that I gain insight from it (it would be too strong a word) but it allows me to think and reflect on the period.

Back to "Dark Trenches", I have the miniatures painted up, but I chose not to use them. Because of the way the adventure itself is organized, using miniatures would detract from the horror of the whole thing. Dark Trenches is an adventure I find better played all - or mostly - in the mind. Ah the mind... Theater of the imaginary oh! the delicious horrors and monstrosities it can summon!

As a mini-review of the figs themselves, the sculpt is are not great, definitely not the same level as GW/ Foundry/ Privateer Press. They remind me of the older sculpts from Old Glory, but a little better. However they paint up very nicely and especially quickly! An average painter (such as myself) can make them look good with just a few basic colors. I painted them in an early war theme. This is particularly visible for the French with their red pants.

You will notice that one of the Frenchman - the machine gunner - is not like the other. I have a story about that mini. As I was looking through my bitz boxes to create the analyzer for Milka (see the iconics), I found an old WWI machine-gun I bought in a small shop in Paris called "Le Champs de Mars" as part of a bitz collection. It was a hole in the wall near the Bastille I used to visit every time I went to Paris. Last time I was in Paris, it was closed. Sigh. So that gunner is from Foundry. He's smaller and had a loader, but I can't seem to find him at this time...

I actually searched for the store and it's been gone so long that I wasn't able to find one link or reference to it on Google! Yikes!

Next time: The Germans.



  1. Your "Dark Trenches" project sounds really fascinating. It would be great to go on with one of those characters in the 20s where the experience both military and occult could be invaluable as a resource to investigators. I might have to incorporate that idea into one of my Strange Aeons adventures.

    Great minis - looking forward to hearing more about this!

    Paul of the Man cave

    1. The adventure is a lot of fun. I have submitted it for the Chaosium's Adventure Contest. I cannot wait for them to get back to me as to whether it'll be in there.

      That said, I would be very willing to participate in such a Strange Aeon project.

      Oh! I ran this adventure 2 times, and only 1 person survived out of 10 total PCs... ;)

  2. say, were did you got the miniatures, and what scale are they? I been trying to make a steampunk lovecraftian war game and these minis look great for the battle in innmouth

  3. They are 28mm scale.
    You can contact me privately ( as I would be willing to sell them.

  4. first, I need get some money, but I'm welling to buy from you, say, how much do the figs costs?

    1. Let's talk about this privately. Email me and I'll send you all the details.

    2. I will do that, but you may have to give me some time(this will be my first e-mail to a seller of miniatures)

  5. sent you another e-mail(don't know where else to posted this but here well have to do)? wargaming buyer