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Thursday, June 7, 2012


Years ago, I purchased these vikings from a bargain bin at my local Hobbytown. I gave them a base-coat, and put them on a holding plate, where they've been for at least 2 years (at least). Earlier this week, I looked at the collection of dust-gathering vikings and got the urge to get them painted again. Giving them a fresh touch-up, completed the paint jobs, I got them done.

I chose to paint the shields with a white cross on a red field. Then, I realized it was the flag of Denmark! So I guess I now have a mob of Danish vikings! I've been meaning to play Saga for a while, but it hasn't worked out for me... Need more play time (which also means less RPG/ writing)! SO I'll have an army ready to go when I finally get to play.

That said, these guys may make appearances as Janus Hordesmen in NeoExodus.


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