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Saturday, June 30, 2012

PaizoCon is almost upon us

Its been months since I've been constantly blogging about it and now its almost upon us. Opening on the 6th of July, PaizoCon in Redmond, WA is going to be a great event.

Not just because thousands will descend upon the place to play Pathfinder, but because NeoExodus will return for the second year. And like the previous time, the slots I'm running are FULL.

The world of Exodus WILL be forever changed by the events there. This is a very exciting times... The unknown... Cannot wait to see the players' thought process as they explore and go through the two adventures. The first one is "A2 Ruins of Trovaska" to give an idea what the event is about. The second is the "Interactive" adventure called "A5 Battle of Trovaska".

It will also be the first chance for LPJ and me to meet face to face. You don't want to miss this confrontation. That's right, I did not say "meeting". If you attend, make sure you stop by and say hello!

Louis will have no less than 4 NeoExodus books: The Campaign Setting, Enemies of NeoExodus: The Folding Circle, Enemies of NeoExodus: The First Ones, and the Free RPG Day adventure Undying Legacy of the First Ones. I have yet to see the two "enemies" books in print and I am very excited about seeing them, especially The First Ones... my own devilish creation!

It's gonna be great!

If you're gonna miss it? You will have to live precariously through tweets: follow @jpongaming (me), @LPJDesign (LPJ) and #NeoExodus for full details!


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