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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

[Rant] Terrain Builder's Rant

Why is it that ALL terrain makers and guidelines found on the Internet are for massive pieces. I've been looking on-line for some inspiration on what to do for my next project. Okay for something to add to my Pirate city (here and here). All I could fine was these massive tables and terrain pieces.

Now don't get me wrong... The tables I saw look AWESOME. And the time, effort and planning that went into their creation is something that I can only admire. But I want to be able to re-use my terrain for multiple projects. At least get some ideas.

Why is it that when terrain builders start thinking of terrain, they always think up of things that would not fit in my Civic... Now I have to transport it (in my Civic) and that's a big point to me. So I think of terrain in terms of putting together a game. With a goal in mind, BUT I also want to

Okay, this is not a strong rant, but still I felt like I had to say it.

Maybe its just jealousy.

By the way, for the full post, check out this post on Terragenesis. It will make you rant with jealousy too.

I will be posting some pictures of my Pirate City after PaizoCon where some of the pieces I've been keeping secret will be revealed to people other than my kids and wife! They are mostly smaller pieces, as fitting this rant! Kinda rant that is.


PS: This site has a lot of basics and well-illustrated "how-tos".

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  1. It's definatley something I've been running into. I often need -a- shop, or a couple of smaller items put side-to-side. But most the builds and kits I see seem to assume a LARGE gaming table space and not-much-modularity.

    TerrainLinx does a pretty good job of keeping it modular and attractive, as well as making it easily broken-down, but it's fairly complete and a very time consuming process to make the individual pieces.