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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

More Hinterlands Minis: All-Female Hussar Regiment

In my review, I hinted at the presence of more hussars! Well here they are. I inspired myself from the colors of the 2nd Hussars (IIRC) from the Napoleonic Wars (Thank you L&L Funcken for doing all the research for me). I wanted a color that would look nice and "feminine" I did not want to use black (heck, I never want to use black). After looking through, the green did not appeal either.

I wanted these girls to really stand out when they would appear on the board. What color is more visible than red? There was only one unit of Hussars that had red, so I used them as inspiration.

I purchased two packs for these: the command pack and the skirmish line. You will see that the sculpts are awesome. The Command pack in particular has some great-looking ladies. I am particularly fond of the one waving her colpack and the ones with the Mauser/Luger pistol. Really nice. They paint up so fast and so well that I remained surprised at how easy and nice they got so quickly.

Also, Jason reminded me of another great reason to get these: shipping is EXTREMELY reasonable. No price gouging and the minis show up VERY FAST! Which is good - and bad for the impulse buyer like myself.



  1. Neale, as anon, says:

    I will, soon enough, make you teach me how to improve my mini-painting skills. As for these specific minis, they would be great as Imperials for my Guncaster work...

  2. Outstanding! I have some Hinterland ladies on order, and am looking forward to bringing them to life. I heard a rumor that there was a Female Hussar given away at Cold Wars 2013, but have been unable to find any further info. Can anyone share or provide any info?