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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Secret NeoExodus Preview: Map of Trovaska

On this 4th of July, I'm sitting here in the house, alone waiting for 5pm to head out to see the Sky Sox (local baseball team) with a bunch of people. So while I'm idle, I decided to do a map of Trovaska for PaizoCon.

"I thought you were done" LPJ commented this morning on my Facebook update. Well... No. I'm not... While there is time left AND it hasn't gone to print, I will try to add more into it. Deformation from my life as a computer engineer I guess.

Though I knew what I wanted to do, I was never able to draw it well enough. So I took out my paint, my brushes, the black, homemade parchment paper and did it. It came out with the artisan-quality I was never able to complete on my PC. No, I will not explain the name of the places on the map. You will have to play the adventure(s) for that!

The paper was done using hot tea (cheap Walmart brand) and paper (also cheap Walmart brand!). I used the downstairs bathtub to do a lot of them years ago and use them when I need them, after 4 years or so I'm starting to run out. The trick is to get the tea VERY dark to give the paper a similarly dark complexion. After soaking for an while, drain the water and sprinkle the paper with either instant coffee "grains" or fold it and put another tea bag in the fold. Like many things there is no fixed recipe (something that drives my wife nuts). But try it. Then let the paper dry, the side of the tub is a great place as the wet paper will stick to it (allowing you to further stain it) but once its dry it'll fall to the bottom of the tub.

Be warned that this could be messy and since you are trying to stain the paper, you WILL have to clean the tub or face the wrath of your panty-clad overlordess. I know I'd face mine.

This is something even LPJ has yet to see so look for his incendiary comments below.


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  1. You should have crumpled the paper to make it look even MORE realistic.