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Friday, July 20, 2012

Horror in Colorado: More Real Life Tragedy

In case you did not know a horrible shooting happened last night in Aurora, CO (just southeast of Denver). Although I had planned something completely different to post today, I don't feel like it. Instead, I feel like I have to re-post the following email I sent to the Rocky Mountain Pathfinders group to everyone.

Please do not let the horror of this tragedy change your opinion that Colorado is full of great people. Even if our nutjobs seem to always make national (and I suspect international) headlines.

Pray for us and tell people around you how they matter to you, wherever you are.

Fellow Pathfinders,

I too woke up to this tragedy about the mass shooting at a theater in an Aurora, CO cinema during the premiere of the new Batman movie. This has left me shell-shocked and taken me a fair amount of time to change my thought from anger and rage to resolve and clarity. If you do not know, the latest toll I can find is over 10 dead and 50 wounded. As I read in horror the details in the Denver Post I cannot help myself but choke and try to contain the tears.

Well Pathfinders, I failed to contain them. I'll admit it. Some people got unfairly hurt, paying a price they should not have paid. It paints our State and its capital in a poor light. But the important thing is not whether some of us or our families are hurt, the important thing is to help those in need, whoever they are. And show these wackos that the community stands strong and united. This tragedy affects all of us as a community and we have to show that the good people of Colorado are much more numerous and that we

I would ask that today (and I'll ask at tomorrow's PFS) that we all observe a moment of silence and pray for our nation, for its people and in particular for those affected by this tragedy, whether they be Pathfinders or not. If you can help in any way, I encourage you to volunteer or donate to your favorite charity (I don't know if there is one yet for this massacre so giving to a charity will help).

I will also ask you, in the spirit of community to be nice, polite, and say a few words to friends and those you see less frequently. With any luck, a kind word may avert such horrors.

Therefore I'll start by saying that I feel very blessed to belong to the RMPathfinder community, to be surrounded by such awesome, giving and fun people. These compliments and feelings I extend to my neighbors and people who welcomed me here, back in 2005. When I was this big Canadian guy who wandered out of the cold and among you. You have welcomed me, my wife and my children with open arms. I love Colorado and its people.

Thank you all for being there, Colorado. Let not horrors like these diminish your beauty and the goodness of your people.


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