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Friday, July 13, 2012

PaizoCon 2012: Sunday

Sunday... PaizoCon was now mostly behind us... Still got up, packed, looked for a breakfast that wasn't Starbucks... but the only affordable place was... Starbucks! My voice was thrashed and generally useless. That's when Bruce Higa told me of a magical cure: hot tea with vinegar (honey would make the taste go down better).

I seriously doubted that it would work but I was wrong! The tea managed to give me enough voice for half a game (I would've needed a second tea...). So shout-out to you, Bruce!

I was scheduled to run Quest for Perfection II, I had packed my terrain for it, found a table, and waited for players when Wes Nicholson (who you will remember bumped me off my table in slot 2)... Well Wes was at it again! He showed up and asked for the table. With the voice I had, I was quite happy to give my seat...

So I went to the player/gm pool, hoping to find a game to play.

But that was not to be... Seeing the many players still waiting for a table, I offered to run them through QFP2. It wasn't long that I had a table and once more was seated in the Mezzannine/ Parking lot tent. Though far from my favorite adventure, I ran it and had some fun with it. My players also enjoyed themselves, in spite of a few very close calls.

With that, PaizoCon ended... I went back to see LPJ and we talked. Okay I talked as he picked up his stuff. Did the rounds, saying goodbye to everyone.

The day ended where PaizoCon began: at Matt's for a good meal. Big Kyle, Todd, CA, Martin, Alistair, myself and a few others I don't remember sat together. More talks about what we like, and what we'd like to see.

Then airport, plane, Denver, home.

PaizoCon 2012 was over.