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Thursday, July 19, 2012

More Hinterlands Minis: VSF Female Sailors

Although the princesses and the Hussars are great, one of the unit that really caught my eye were the sailors. So I got me a Skirmish line and a Command pack. Like the Hussars, these are just great sculpts full of character and screaming for me to run some Victorian Sci-Fi. It sounds corny, but I really like a sailor uniform on a woman, which may date back to my Sailor Moon addiction I had in the 90s.

When I started to work on them, I was worried about my skills at painting white. But the result is pretty good. They look like they have been out on patrol and not come out of the laundry.

I really like handkerchief around their necks, makes them look the part even more. The Princess and the musician I wanted to really stand out, so I gave them the blue jackets. Makes them stand out.

You may remember that in mid-May, I posted a picture of a commission miniature I painted for Brad. The Victorian adventurer? Well I used the same technique here. The pith helmet and the jackets really came out great.


Now I have to come up with a minis-based adventure... Space 1889 anyone? This just might be the reason I've been needing to go out and buy the Savage Worlds version of the game, instead of my old, GDW game... Or maybe pull out the Soldiers' Companion? Either of those would really be cool! Been years since I touched either books.


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