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Monday, July 30, 2012

More July Commissions

This one was a long time in coming! The story of this miniature start at Genghis Con this winter. I did say long. So, after I ran one of the tables, Homer gave me the mini to paint, which I did.

Then for the longest time, I did not get to see him. So the mini gathered dust on my painting table. Instead of taking a picture, post it here and wait to give the mini to him, I waited... and waited... and yes, waited some more! Eventually, I had to give the mini to Homer and I could not find the camera... so, no pic!

After Saturday night's PFS event, Homer pulls out the mini and says "I'll take a picture right now" and so... Here they are.

His character is a bare knuckle fighter who fights for Andoren, the dark, evil, remorseless, murderous people of the Pathfinder Society.

No, he does not own a sap either.

Point JP.


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