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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

PaizoCon 2012: Friday

Early morning, ready to go. As usual, the registration took a long time, but the whole thing was well-organized.

One interesting story, I asked Mike Brock where non-Society games were. He pointed to a door leading outside and said "there's a tent somewhere over there". I went out, took a peek, saw nothing, so I came back and laughed. So I went to ask Adam Daigle the same question. Using the program, he pointed me to the Mezzanine.

Now that made sense.

So I got to the Mezzanine... and walked out into the parking lot.

Under a tent.

Really? I thought Mike was joking, but no.

The tent was cool and it made sure I woke up.

Finally, we gathered and started to play. First slot of the con was A2 Ruins of Trovaska. I had originally decided to run that adventure because it helped explain some of the setting and events and put a number of things into perspective. That game went well. It was fun to see the excitement and the feel of the story develop. I have to say "Ruins" is fun to run since there is so much going on off-screen, which makes it unique among NeoExodus adventures.

After a successful first slot, it was time for some PFS. I gave my table to Wes Nicholson who was much closer to getting his shot at a fifth star than I (by about 12 tables). But, I got to rand a table of 3-18 Gods' Market Gamble instead. I had a lot of fun with it too.

Best quote of the game? The PCs are talking to a halfling NPC and ask "What did the person look like?" to which the NPC responded "I don't quite know, you tall people all look like crotch to me!"

Fun times.

The Grand Convocation

Liz Court and I, says I.

Friday night was the Grand Convocation. This extravaganza of grandeur and madness. I played the role of a Pirate based on a GM-character of mine, the White Shadow. I had to assassinate someone later in the adventure. Until then I was to "make sure I was seen" and pretend to be one of the players. Which I did...

I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

Some things went very well: the major NPCs all looked the part, they remained in-character and had interesting things to say for the most part. I managed to get thrown out for insulting all Taldane by "showing the road straight te hell!". Lady Blakros spat on me because she did not like the grog I added to her drink. The guards were both impressed and terrorized of my wonderful "Andoran Sap". I got mass held by Amenopheus, leader of the Osirion Faction. I cut a deal with Ambrus Valsim to save my life after I killed "just another elf".

There were a few issues which are too common with well-attended LARPs: if you were not close to the action, it was hard to hear what was happening, tabletop RPGers too often don't consider what's happening to be important unless an NPC speaks directly to them. Perhaps my biggest criticism of it is that the non-Larp portion felt VERY formulaic: attack on the Grand Lodge.

In retrospect, the event was fun. The issues I found should be classified as "growing pains" and things that are addressable in upcoming events. Nothing that would stop this from the playing again next year and being even better.

Sleep is for the weak!

The Grand Convocation over, it was time to get some alcohol and fraternize with my fellow VOs and others. I can't remember how much I drank, but my credit card statement tells me it was a long and amazing night...


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