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Tuesday, September 12, 2023

Labor Day After Action Report:Citadel by the Sea

This past Labor Day Weekend, I put together a game of D&D inspired by a classic adventure. This time, I ran an adapted version of The Citadel by the Sea by Sid Fisher from Dragon Magazine #78 (October 1983). While looking at many classic adventures, I wanted something that could be completed in about 8 hours.

The biggest change I made to the adventure was to move it from "Generic Setting" to Olympia. This is a story of a cursed location abandoned, conquered by barbarians, then abandoned again. The adventure has a few different twists that made it interesting: diversions and a backstory that can be uncovered (none of my players could read the language but they had enough information that it did not really matter).

To fit into my timeframe, I had to remove a whole dungeon level. It was a tough decision because it has a few cool things, but I wanted to make sure we could get through everything.

The Fortress
The Catacombs
The creature stands

In the end, the PCs returned with the spearhead they were sent to fetch and received their payment, but angered their employer. I used a number of my 3d printed models to use, including the warehouse boxes and bags. Those things looked really good.