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Tuesday, December 24, 2019

[Release] Apple of a Mother's Eye for Curse of Strahd

FOE is happy to announce the release of their latest Ravenloft product. An expansion for the Berez location to make it matter to your campaign!

It's Christmas and I am happy to release a new product out into the world. This product expands the rather bland Berez. Instead, the PCs get to learn more about the background of the many major NPCs in this complex tapestry. I was struggling to find a good way to expand the location, to make this more that straight-up fight OR a sneak-in. Then I happened upon a post where someone gave the half-idea I needed to get out of my rut.

I play-tested the expansion on my players who now have additional information about Strahd and his background than they should have but it makes the dark tapestry of CoS richer.

I must commend the Britishark for the quality of his illustrations on this one. Great stuff!

Get it on the DM's Guild

Monday, December 23, 2019

[Kinda Book Report] Best of Heroic Fantasy V2

At Hypericon this year, I bought an anthology of Heroic Fantasy called The Best of Heroic Fantasy Quarterly. I knew nothing of them but thought it might be an interesting read.

This book contains a mixture of short stories and poetry.

The stories have a good "Conan" feel to them and many have a strong historical color, with viking and celtic flavor. The stories were well-written, engaging and intelligent. Quite a few of them I wanted to know more, wanted to continue reading the story further.

The poetry I did not care for. That's just not my thing, I read them quickly and without enjoyment. It is an art form teachers beat out of me. They leave me bored and wanting to get to the eat as quickly as possible.

So... I will rank this a 4/5 because of the poetry. With more stories, I could have bumped it up to a 4.5 (hence a 5). This is a solid 4.

Thursday, December 12, 2019

[Release] Dark Gifts of Ravenloft

I know, I know... About a month ago I teased three products that were coming for FOE. Those products are still coming in the next weeks - some quicker than others...

This one is a product I came up as I was preparing my own Curse of Strahd Campaign. I am someone who prefers to let the PCs play along their madness and know of their powers secretly. I designed this one in two steps: first the description of the gifts the PCs bringing together all the information a player may need without reference to the content of the Monster Manual or the Dungeon Master's Guide. Format everything in a highly readable format and thus Dark Gifts of Ravenloft was born!

Okay, I skip all the formatting tests I've been through and the many steps in-between.

It is currently available on the DM's Guild as a Pay-What-You-Want product.