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Friday, May 29, 2020

Eiryss II: Angel of Retribution

I may not play Warmachine anymore: no time, no players, but I still really enjoy the look of their minis. I will be re-using a bunch of them for upcoming FOE projects. This is not really one of them. I just like the character.

I pretty much painted her the same as my other two versions of her.

Now I do not like this sculpt very much. I am not really a fan of scenic bases and this one you have no choice but to use.

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Introducing the Iconics: Rebel Greeks

This group of characters is composed of a rag-tag band of PCs best suited who would get together for mischief. Their backgrounds lend themselves to being outlaws, outcasts and rebels. The image of a Greek version of an "Ocean's Eleven" comes to mind.


Female Olympian (Daughter of Apollo) Warlock of the ArchFey, Apothecary
You were born to a town physician : your mother made potions and spells to heal the sick and treat the sick and wounded . When you were of age, she brought you to meet your father Apollo at a party of the nymphs and the satyrs. They accepted you as a friend and taught you secret powers.


Female Amazon Cleric of Hera, Exile
Born to a princess in the lands of the Amazons, you were forced into exile because Hera herself gave you her cloak and sent you as her emissary. You grew up seeking to prove yourself worthy of that burden. Today you present yourself as a champion of Hera rather than a priestess.


Female Olympian (Favored of Artemis) Druid of the Order of the Moon, Scavenger
Born in poverty, you left your home for the road. One day, you killed a poacher before he shot a pregnant doe, this got the attention of Artemis who has since guided you.


Male Olympian (Son of Ares) Paladin, Exile
When your mother, a princess, became pregnant with Ares’s child, she was sent away in exile. You grew up, dreaming of proving your family wrong for how they treated her . You spent your youth training, dreaming of becoming a legend.


Female Medusan Bard of Glamour, Subversive
You learned at a young age that people feared your ability to turn other in to stone, so you learned to keep to yourself. You joined a secret society called the Sons of the Gorgon, together you seek to establish – or takeover - a kingdom that will be ruled by medusans.


Male Olympian (Son of Poseidon) Fighter (champion), Pirate
Born to a disgraced princess abandoned at sea by your grandfather, you joined a pirate crew and took out your anger upon your prey. However, an oracle warned you that your crew would turn on you. You barely escaped with your life and the help of your father. After the destruction of your ship, you are re-thinking your place in the world.

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Princesses join the FOE line-up

With the recent release of Princesses on the DM's Guild, I had to create characters to showcase the variety and possibilities of the book. Best way to do that? Create a party of princesses!

I know it sounds strange to me.

So my quest started with the right miniatures. Where to look? My box of random Reaper Bones, broken Heroclix, and some limited edition miniatures Privateer Press characters.

As always... I will start with a group picture. Can you guess who's who and what their classes are? (Hint: they are all 3rd level and single-class).

Sunday, May 24, 2020

First Ones Entertainment Patreon

If you are interested in seeing more about the upcoming projects at FOE, check out our Patreon page. We publish early versions of material for all of our settings, art, races, and adventures.

Help us by joining our Patreon.

Saturday, May 16, 2020

Barovia: Strahd von Zarovich

Strahd and hordes of the dead.

With my Curse of Strahd campaign coming to an end, I wanted to paint a miniature I could use for the big guy himself. Something I can use for the final fight which will start tomorrow

The Strahd model is from one of the Reaper sets and it really pleased me to find I already had him in my stash of minis.

I posed him here with the other Barovian undead I just painted. I think they look great together and form a unified unit.

Now let the bleeding of the adventurers... BEGIN.

Roll for initiative.

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

[Kinda Book Report] The Eternals 1985 Issues 1-12

With out recent move, I went through many old boxes and (re) discovered a number of gems that stayed hidden in boxes "somewhere". One such thing was the complete series of the Eternals 1985.

This very much feels like comics I read as kid because... It was published at that time!

This series I bought at Moonlite in Frankfort, KY. (Shout-out to Jay and the Frankfort gang!) I loved that he would have short sales of comics whole-series and collections at a decent price. I am not exactly sure why I bought this one to be honest. I guess because I simply knew nothing about these guys and a full series is a win! I remember buying stickers for a superhero sticker album that featured these guys. I had no idea who they were but the "main" character of Ikaris (who is on the cover of Issue #1) stuck in my mind.

The story is one that is mostly isolated from the rest of the Marvel Universe. Even if there are a few cameos (because that's what they are) from the Avengers and West Coast Avengers, each in a different issue.

So... Who are the Eternals? In the distant past, humanity was split into three branches: the immortal and super-powered Eternals, mankind, and the Deviants who are mutant monsters. The Eternals inspired the Greek gods with characters names Ikaris -> Icarus, Thena -> Athena, and Sersi the enchantress (yes, THE Circe).

Now, the story in interesting with the Deviants being treacherous and sneaky taking on the Eternals. Other the Warlord Kro (one deviant leader) and high priest Ghaur (the other), the deviants are very cookie-cutter, there to get blasted by the hundred. As a group, they have little impetous. The only time they do something is at the behest of someone else: whether a priest, Kro, or an Eternal.

Even the Eternals are bland. Ikaris does have some personality and backstory but he just acts and does his thing without thinking about anyone else. Their powers are rather bland and unclear. In all, this felt like a bunch of NPCs doing something and me caring because I'm told I should care. For immortals, the Eternals don't do much more than lounge around. They have no real goals, no plans. Heck Ikaris is a pro-wrestler at the start of the story.

The one character that is interesting, is Warlord Kro. He is clever and devious. However, he is never allowed to shine truly. It's like there is such a big group of under-developed characters trying to not over-step each other and not outshine anyone. They are just... There.

So, in essence, we get a bad Superman story with plot holes and characters that don't matter: they didn't matter to the Marvel Universe before. And they don't matter after.

The art is fine and very much has that classic Jack Kirby look and feel. It's not as good as many of today's work but efficient to the story. For the first half, the story seems to go nowhere and the last half somebody seems to have gone "Crap! We need to finish this!" And the plot hurries along. It is not until issue #9 that what is going on really begins to take shape and not just have characters jumping back and forth.

So much so that by the end, I wanted to see the West Coast Avengers do something... Not the Eternals...

For a rating, I would go to a 2.25, which by my rules round down to a 2, which seems a little low but I can live with it.

Thursday, May 7, 2020

[Kinda Book Review] Le Troisieme Testament Julius - I

When I was in Paris, I purchased a book (bande dessinée) called "Le Troisieme Testament". It started with the inquisitorial tribunal against the Count of Sma&itrema;n by Conrad de Marbourgh. The drawing quality was great and plot drew you in with a series of questions. Mixing supernatural, religious, and historical elements into complex tale. I waited impatiently for the final parts to come out.

The ending delivered. The world was saved.

When I learned there was a new series related to the original, it immediately went into by cart and the book was purchased with Amazon Prime speed. And the wait began.

So this story takes place in the days of Roman Empire, in the dying days of Emperor Nero, around 66-68 AD. We are introduced to a general called Julius who represents the best and worse of Rome. He is ruthless, commanding, determined, and ambitious. He has a plan to advance himself by removing the emperor. One of the many plots against Nero that existed at the time.

After wondering for a moment where the story led, I will say it immediately took me back. The story does serve as a prequel to the later (historically) series. Leading me to believe that the stories should be enjoyed in publication order.

The art in this book is JUST AWESOME. The lines are crisp and clear, with superb panoramic shots of Rome, Egypt, and Judea. The action scenes feel super fast and detailed and engaging.

To say everything is action would be a clear lie. There are quite a few scenes where the story slows down as the characters trade meaningful glances or something supernatural happens behind the scene - maybe.

This is a book you want to look at the images slowly but can't. You spend your time going all around the page looking at the characters and what they do. Compelling storytelling at its finest.

So for a rating. Easy: 5/5! It was perhaps the easiest rating I ever had to give when rating books for this series. My only sad point was that I had to wait to get part 2... There are few things to which I say "Shut up and take my money" and this is one of those few. I will go and re-read the first series.





Monday, May 4, 2020

[Kinda Book Review] Harley Quinn Vol 1: Die Laughing

I like Harley Quinn. I was intrigued by her when she first appeared in the Batman Animated Series. She made me both laugh and facepalm at once. This is another trade I got for 5$ at a sale from a local comic shop, this one for Jojo who also likes her antics.

The cover promised all kinds of mayhem and craziness. I was WAY more interested in this one than in Flash: Blitz.

Pfff... This book is a teenager boy's dream like watching the "Side-Boob Hour". The art is just an excuse to put Harley (often with Poison Ivy) in semi-porn positions for no reason. Showers, baths, massages, nighties, pantie-shots, and the girl-on-girl not-so-innuendos throughout. Now let me be clear: I ENJOY WATCHING HOT WOMEN. It is pleasing to my eye. I make no apologies for that.

BUT (only 1 T)

Now that I'm not longer 14 years old, I want the story to mean something, to add a purpose. Here it does not.

The plot is meaningless and Harley rarely has anything to do with it.

So in the first arc, an alien comes to Earth, sees a cow, shape shifts into one then get turned into hot dog meat all sent ONLY to Coney Island. Those who eat him turn to zombies. Okay. Stupid but I'm still on board. It's full-on apocalypse. Harley falls into the mob and kills and escapes it for what seems like forever as the scenes keep moving her from one scene to another. Again. The situation is resolved without any of the characters doing anything: more aliens show up and summon their friend's body back. Apocalypse over.

Then for some reason, she decides to go to India to stop call centers. She gets on a commercial plane and goes there. What follows is a 5 year old idea of stopping a call center: go see the Russian boss and kill him.

Harley Quinn. On a commercial plane.

She in NOT a good guy. She's a villain. She's the Joker's Girlfriend. She is NUTS.

The storytelling is JUST ATROCIOUS. The plot makes no sense. No one ever dares to say anything to her, they just roll with it. Sure! It's fine. You just killed people? Okay.

Oh and India Security has this bad-ass-looking robot. She whacks it (quickly but I will let it go) and out comes... A boy of about 5! WTF?

At some point she trashes the Penguin's lair IN FRONT OF HIM. And what does the Penguin do?

Nothing. He asks her if she is fine now.


Next panel she is walking the street with her cop buddy.

Atrocious. Atrocious.

I will avoid any product by the horrendous team of Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti. These people have no idea how to tell a story.

So to rate this... The art is of good-to-high quality, the one redeeming quality of this book. However even that cannot overcome the garbage that it wraps around. You can wrap a turd in bacon, put batter around it and deep-fry it. But it's still a turd. Rating the art alone, I would give this a 4/5. But the story made me angry I spent money on this and that the paper was glossy so it could not be used as emergency toilet paper.

Yup 1/5. The lowest score I can give.



Now I remember why I don't like modern comics. Thanks DC.

Saturday, May 2, 2020

Princesses Released on the DM's Guild

A while ago, my friend Ibsen approached me asking for feedback on a game he was thinking of running. The idea? Every player took on the role of a Princess inspired by the Disney princesses. He had entries written.

I gave him some feedback to make them more balanced and tightened the rules on some. After a round or two of back and forth, I presented him with the idea of publishing a book. His ideas were solid and a few half-formed images formed in my own mind.

Long story short, we went back and forth on each of them discussing their racial features, which of the princesses we wanted to include in the book, which to leave for a second book, how to balance them with each other, in short, we went through everything about them.

Another big topic: Disney version or Original version...


In the end, we went with a "middle of the road" approach that takes from both sides, using whatever feature would make the princess at once unique, interesting, and able to represent either version (or close enough).

What we came up with is a book much bigger than I initially thought: 25 pages (20 pages of new, unique content).
- 8 new races including Cinderella, Rapunzel and Snow White.
- 6 new monsters like the Big Bad Wolf, the Dragon Witch, and the Wicked Witch.
- New and unique art for each race by Ibsen and Blehc.
- New character background and magic items.

Ibsen being an amazing artist, he started on the art and I focused on the writing, expanding, and completing the early drafts.

It is with great joy that I can finally announce the release of Princesses on the DM's Guild. Check it out let us know what you think! .

Friday, May 1, 2020

[Kinda Book Review] The Flash: Blitz

I never have been a fan of the Flash. Of any speedster character to be honest. Their powers just don't click. They should be way more powerful but they always come up being effectively the same and they bore me.

I bought this book at the same time as Universe X for ActionMan as a Christmas gift. Unlike me, he seems to enjoy speedsters - and the Flash in particular.

This book starts with a BANG with a massive breakout at the local prison and a bunch of villain getting out. The art is engaging and really made me go "Oh crap, this CANNOT be good," which surprised me in a very positive way. I kept on reading and reading.

I won't spoil the story but it had something I found rarely in recent trade comics like this... "But hey JP, you don't read many of them" and you'd be right. I do not read many of them because of it. So... The story presents us with a new situation for the Flash. His wife is pregnant, his friend gets hurt badly in the breakout. Wally West (WW/current Flash) tries to live up to his predecessor Barry Allen. He is convinced he does the right thing all the time. A little one-dimensional.

But as the story evolve, WW is confronted with these convictions and has to face the choices he made. You get where I am going with this. He gets placed in a similar situation where he can make the same choice as Barry Allen or something else. By then I was really torn on what I wanted him to do.

The art is top-notch with perhaps a little too many full pages depicting just one character. It speaks for itself not requiring tons of writing to explain what is happening, it is clear and obvious. I really like that.

Oh! Completely random gem... This one really endeared me to it. This is a gathering of monthly issues. At the start of everyone of them is a single bubble that very succinctly explains the Flash: his powers and background. That. That is good comic writing IMO. As a new reader coming in at a random issue, I want to get the quick low-down of who this character is.

In all, I came into this one expected NOT to like it but found it impossible to put down. So for a rating... The issues I have with it is fairly minor: too many full-pages. The characters have depth. The one-dimensional-ity of WW does not remain throughout the story and we see him vulnerable and defeated a few times. Dude loses a lot of blood!

I avoid giving a 5/5 but I cannot find faults that would drop this rating below a 4.5, which rounds out to 5 anyway. Great work on this one, DC!