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Thursday, May 7, 2020

[Kinda Book Review] Le Troisieme Testament Julius - I

When I was in Paris, I purchased a book (bande dessinée) called "Le Troisieme Testament". It started with the inquisitorial tribunal against the Count of Sma&itrema;n by Conrad de Marbourgh. The drawing quality was great and plot drew you in with a series of questions. Mixing supernatural, religious, and historical elements into complex tale. I waited impatiently for the final parts to come out.

The ending delivered. The world was saved.

When I learned there was a new series related to the original, it immediately went into by cart and the book was purchased with Amazon Prime speed. And the wait began.

So this story takes place in the days of Roman Empire, in the dying days of Emperor Nero, around 66-68 AD. We are introduced to a general called Julius who represents the best and worse of Rome. He is ruthless, commanding, determined, and ambitious. He has a plan to advance himself by removing the emperor. One of the many plots against Nero that existed at the time.

After wondering for a moment where the story led, I will say it immediately took me back. The story does serve as a prequel to the later (historically) series. Leading me to believe that the stories should be enjoyed in publication order.

The art in this book is JUST AWESOME. The lines are crisp and clear, with superb panoramic shots of Rome, Egypt, and Judea. The action scenes feel super fast and detailed and engaging.

To say everything is action would be a clear lie. There are quite a few scenes where the story slows down as the characters trade meaningful glances or something supernatural happens behind the scene - maybe.

This is a book you want to look at the images slowly but can't. You spend your time going all around the page looking at the characters and what they do. Compelling storytelling at its finest.

So for a rating. Easy: 5/5! It was perhaps the easiest rating I ever had to give when rating books for this series. My only sad point was that I had to wait to get part 2... There are few things to which I say "Shut up and take my money" and this is one of those few. I will go and re-read the first series.





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