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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

PaizoCon 2012: Thursday

This year's PaizoCon started very early.

As in 2:40 AM.

After a quick shower, last minute packing, a shot of juice and then up the I-25 to Denver International Airport. I make good, but safe time and then went on through TSA and at my gate. I allowed myself the "luxury" of having a quick Skype-chat with LPJ while at the McDonald's (only thing open).

Then I was on my way to Seattle. Flight uneventful.

At the Airport, I had a while to wait for Todd Morgan and CA to arrive, so I worked on one of the new NeoExodus adventure for Tacticon. Got some good writing too. The fact that I had 2 coffees and a 5 hour energy certainly had NOTHING to do with it... I think.

The three VCs went to have lunch at Dennys. More great times.

The afternoon was spent napping. I really needed it. Perked me right up.

The VC dinner

As much as last year's dinner felt informal, this one felt a lot more formalized, yet at the same time... A lot more relaxed. I'm not sure why that is, perhaps it was because many of us had met previously. I felt surrounded by friends. Mind you friends with whom I frequently butt heads, but friends nonetheless.

Without going into all of the specifics, we each talked about our region, what worked for us, how we made things better, problems we had, what we'd like. A fair amount of information in a very short time. We gave each other advice and thoughts on similar situation we have.

Think a gamer version of a therapy group. Again I gleaned a few pearls on how to make Colorado better, ideas which I will roll out slowly throughout the year...

But what did we talk about? I mean the spoiler-ific stuff you want to hear? Well Mark Moreland gave us a comprehensive overview of what was coming for Year 4, story-wise. While I won't give you any specifics, there are going to be a lot of things happening. Story-things... Good-things...

I have to say that the amount of changes and things to come (that I cannot reveal to you), really surprised me. I did not expect that many changes, and especially, as many changes I found myself nodding in agreement with. Still there are a few things I would've love to hear more of, the ship is steering in the right direction.

And Mike Brock confirmed some news I've been waiting on for a very long time. So it was a very good evening.

The food wasn't bad either!

A few extra drinks later, it was time to turn in... but just as was heading to my bed to sleep who turns up?

It's never time to sleep


We talked with CA, as he showed me his goodies and I showed him mine.

Wait... That didn't come out right.

Actually that's EXACTLY what happened. I'll let your dirty minds make up whatever you want make with it.

Finally, I made my way to my bed and slept a restless sleep as I was too excited to sleep.


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