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Sunday, June 24, 2012

I'm published in Wargames Illustrated!

Back in 2009, I was reading the Foundry Newsletter where I read that they were looking for writers to build up a library of war game-related article to rebuild the library section they removed years ago. I wrote an article, about the Illyrian Rebellion of 6-9 AD and submitted it. This rebellion engulfed an area that covered Serbia, Bosnia, and Croatia. It was a very unique and interesting conflict that included action by the first dynasty of Roman emperors: Augustus, Tiberius and Drusus (Caligula's father).

Fast forward three years.

After consistently not receiving replies to my requests for information, publication - and eventually payment - I decided I really wanted the article in print. Although I skim a few, the top one in my opinion, is Wargames Illustrated. So I went and submitted it to them to see if they would be interested in it.

They liked the article, its length (3,000 words) was the size they wanted. Dave informed me that they would look for minis to illustrate the article and that it would take a few months.

Fast forward a few months.

Wargames Illustrated 297 is on the way and guess what!? "Wolves Guarding the Flock" is currently out. I got to skim through it earlier today at Gamers' Haven. It was the first time I got to see the article formatted.

I have to say that I liked what I saw! The article looks really professional with the pictures. I cannot wait to get my own copy!

This is my first ever magazine article and I'm very proud of it. I want to thank a few people: my wife Julie for her patience, my mother for providing me with a "non-wargamer's point of view" and finally my good friend Linda for proof-reading the many, many, many mistakes I put into the writing. But the final results are there...

I am SO anxious to read. If you get your hands on it, I'd love to hear your thoughts on the article.

Hopefully it's just the beginning of a new "career" with many more articles to come.