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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Cynean models by Crocodile Games

I am posting a number of Cynean models by Crocodile games. Cyneans are crystalline entities with a strong bend towards arcane magic. Now though they are crystalline, they are nevertheless humanoids.

Cyneans are a popular race for players; many have created characters: from magus, to sorcerers, to machinesmiths, to fighters, and oracles. Cyneans are - in my opinion - the most popular PC race in NeoExodus (with P'tan coming a close second). Surprisingly, I find that we have used them sparingly as NPCs. Don't read into it, but that might change...

Now for the first two models... You will notice they are of the same model. The story for this one quite interesting: a group of us had traveled to Denver to play-test the two adventures for GenghisCon. Upon our return, we stopped at Gamers' Haven where we browsed their collection of Crocodile game model - after I told the guys that they made GREAT models for NeoExodus, namely their "To-Tanem" range for Cyneans and the "Basti" for P'tan. I will add their Sebeki for the First Ones' Krocas also... But I'll blog about then later...

So there we found two To-tanem characters... These are just AWESOME for machinesmiths. I planned on purchasing one and Brian the other, when Brian-B offered me a deal I could not refuse: he'd buy me one if I painted one for him. Well... that was deal I could not pass on! So I painted the two models differently: one red and one blue. With a few different accents here and there the two came out really nice and surprisingly different! Now I can't decide which one I want so I will offer both to Brian and let him decide!

I said Cyneans were very popular, well as proof of this, my good friend Martin-B also has a Cynean character: his is a magus. I took the model below and cut out his spear to replace it with a flaming sword from the pack in the above machinesmith pack. That's another thing I like about Crocodile Games: their Wargods of Aegyptus packs come with a number of unique little trinkets and bitz. I kept the sword somewhat dark to further contrast the brightness of the flames.

The final one is a "hero" I plan to keep for myself. A warrior with a strange flail-hammer weapon. I just might have to create this weapon and add it to the player's guide... This one will be a cool addition to my collection.


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  1. P'Tan are the best. How do you beat black lightning bolts?