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Friday, July 5, 2024

Gencon Writing update

There are a few tickets for the FOE Gencon Event: FOE events at Gencon.

With Gencon fast approaching, I feel it is time I put up a post about Gencon, the writing updates and a number of other oddities. At least pretend I'm not only painting minis in my troll cave.

I'm not.

What I've been doing is working on a crucial piece of work for my day job (247Sports). That work has been exhausting (and exhaustive), seriously draining my writing juices. Add to it that I was stuck in a writing funk for the specials. Namely that I knew WHAT story I wanted to tell but breaking them down into pieces. Into adventures. Then into encounters.

If staring at a blank page is terrifying, then looking at a logline and not have any idea what to do with that is perhaps worse.

So I drew.

And I painted.

And watched Youtube.

And I tortured myself.

And I made doodles in my writing book.

And I worked on my novel set in Olympia.

Yes, I did everything to try and break through that blank page.

Oh I can up with SOME things. Ideas for breakdown that would work. Things that could be made into adventure material. Very playable. With twists, different combats.

But I was not excited by any of it. So I worked and toiled on it. I knew there were something cool. Something memorable to find in there.

Then it happened. Doodles brought it together.

The same doodles that decorate this post. They came more-less at random.

In the case of the second Olympia special, my mind was on something extremely down-to-earth. I've not problem with that... but as a Special? Something I want to be the highlight of the convention?

For someone other than me?

Empathy? I must be growing older! Ha!

Seriously. I was completely stuck when that one doodle suddenly brought it together. Now I had everything I wanted AND something with a major fantasy element. Now all I had to do was write it.

And break it down further.

I believe these stories will be interesting, fun to both run and play.

Now to stop slacking.

Get off Blogger.

Put down the phone.

And finish writing.

Your GMs are asking for the works

There are a few tickets for the FOE Gencon Event: FOE events at Gencon.

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