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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Genghis Con Report (Rant, love, gaming)

This year's Genghis Con is now in the books. And it was a good one. For the first time since 2006, I was not in charge of any major gaming group. New NeoExodus adventures and a storyline we really wanted to get out. So it was with a lot of excitement and quite nervous that I headed out on Thursday.

We got there without issue... Other than me remembering all the things I forgot... (the NeoExodus Books, my little trolley). But on-site it was good to see people I see only occasionally.

The last hours before kickoff are always a time I dislike... I get the pre-show jitters but I use that nervous energy...

Finally, muster came and GAME ON!

Thursday Night

Thursday night, D'Anne and I ran two adventures. She ran "92-LC-01 Bloody Ice" and I ran "A4 - Slavers of the Dominion" to two full tables of players. It was great to be able to play with people I haven't played with, namely Mary & CA from Boise, Homer, Lenny, Matt... It was a great table! The adventure is fun to play - and run. I had a blast, though I did not speak with her too much, D'Anne seemed to enjoy her table with a number of the Waterdeep Boys' Club. I went to sleep quite pumped and very ready for the next day!


After a decent night's sleep, I got up, rearranged my stuff (remember when I said I forgot my trolley) and went downstairs to run. As luck would have it, we had only enough players for one table, which D'Anne offered to run 92-LC-03 A Rose by Any Name, which was written by Linda Weygant-Robison (the RPG coordinator). Again awesomely positive feedback.

Not having to GM, I headed over to play a slot of Arcanis, I played it with the Powells and had a fun time - once again. I managed to live in spite of being quite scared. Kermina Gallia val'Borda reached her rank 4 and now has some minor magical ability. Very minor indeed.

For the afternoon, I ran a table of 92-LC-04 The Prisoner and gave D'Anne the slot off. I was really happy with the feedback.

Then the big one... The Friday night interactive! The one we've been talking about for the past months. For the first time since the days of LG, I really had the creative freedom to write what I wanted. Last year's PFS event was not quite what or how I wanted it. It was fun, but having a storyline at play is really what I've been missing. Giving the players the freedom to impact the story and the world they get to play in. That is what I like most.

I'll post later about the interactive itself: what was at play, how it played out and the immediate consequences of the PCs' actions. It was... entertaining.

We ran 3 tables of it. There was a lot of encounters, a lot of combat and a lot of heroics. I left tired, but excited.

A few drinks later and I was on my way to bed.


Saturday I had plan an all day of Arcanis play. I played the setup to the Big Story-Ending Interactive and I was very anxious. The first game was fine - even if I dozed off a few times. Once again, I played Kermina Gallia val'Borda.

Then I showed up for the interactive... with 7 other players. After hearing talks of "running a table of 8" I chose to drop out. Big tables are not my thing. It's long and boring. So I stepped away and went off looking for something else. I had been really looking forward to it, but knowing I would not enjoy myself, I preferred to step away.

My wife showed up with my kids and I took Kitty to Con Jr. for her first ever con. If I'd ever seen a little girl so happy, it was Kitty. She enjoyed and had a lot of fun. I was really looking forward to her coming and she enjoyed it. I fully expect Kitty to become a gamer-girl (moreso than Josiane).

So I went back downstairs and went to see Jacque, who promptly seated me at Jeff Kokx's Bonekeep table. Bonekeep is not my kind of game, but knowing going in that it was a dungeoncrawl, set my expectations at the right level. It delivered. Our group was - at that time - the only one that finished the entire dungeon! I played my samurai character and had a lot of fun with him. More than I thought.

For the evening, I roamed the hall and met up with CA. We went to see Savage Worlds - but it seems there was more people wanting to play than seats. So we opted for something else. We quickly took seats at a Serial Pulp (remember my interview with James Stepanek) because that slot would be the only time we might get to play together. We got to play together and it was a lot of fun.


Yes, I said it. Curse him!

Why, JP? Why do you wish him a chicken on his head?

Because now I will have to try and make room during upcoming cons for at least one slot of Pulp! GAH! The adventure we played really hit a cord with me and I thoroughly enjoyed it. For a start-of-WWII scenario, I didn't pull out my gun once. I am really looking forward to playing more. I have been willfully avoiding the campaign because I know I'd be hooked if I played... GAH!


My character was a hoodlum named "Dirk McGrit" who had his butt kicked during "the Kansas City job" by "The Sable Specter" (played by Troy-L). It was funny and I think it gives a different take on the character.

A few drinks later, I chatted with the Boise gang and Jacque before going to bed.


Sunday morning started with packing the car. Then I waited 15 mins for an elevator that was not full. The more cons we have, the more I hate the Red Lion. I really hate the Red Lion. One elevator did not work for the entire weekend... The rooms are fine, but the breakfast is just BAD. The bar ran out of draft non-piss beer, I was served a VERY watered-down White Russian. GAH! I can't believe it...

So I finally got to down, where no players (only 1 showed up) were present. So again, I went to PFS where I got a seat at a table of "The Disappeared". Our group succeeded, in spite of ourselves. Fun times once again. Once again I played with Obata, my samurai.

That slot was interrupted by the fire alarm. I walked around the hotel to find Kitty with the Con jr. people. She was seated peacefully on the curb waiting for the all-clear. We talked for a few minutes and then I let her go back with the other kids. She is such a cutie!

The last slot, I ran "92-LC-03 A Rose By Any Name" by Linda. I really like that adventure because in a number of ways it embodies what we want to have in Legacies: the concept of choice... And the choice is not as trivial as it seems.

After the closing ceremonies, we came back home and slept.

Actually, I was told I had to go to bed before I fell asleep on the couch... So I did. That ended Genghis Con 2013.

I was tired but very optimistic about what was to come and with the result of our new adventures. D'Anne, Swags and I ran a total of 8 tables of NeoExodus: Legacies, our biggest con thus far. This is gonna be our benchmark for future cons!

Before closing Genghis for good, I want to thank the GMs who ran for me : D'Anne and Swags: you guys did an awesome job of it! I also want to thank the GMs who allowed me to play: Jeff-K, Paul-L, Bill-F, Ryan and James-S (even though I maintain my curse on you). A big thanks to Linda for organizing and operating the complex waltz that is muster and running everything. Finally, a big thanks to the many players who tolerated me and to those who played NeoExodus.

Now I have to work out what happened and them post the results of the Critical Events summaries... For those of you who missed it. And for those who were present to know how bad things are because of them!