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Friday, March 1, 2013

NeoExodus Legacies Commissions for March!

NeoExodus is growing and I am getting more and more requests for minis for people. I am working on a "NeoExodus Miniatures' guide" which I plan on posting soon. Give everyone a chance to pick the minis I believe are as close as it gets to LPJ's art.

The first mini is for Tom-C (for whom I painted the bubblegum gnome). This one is his prymidian bard for my NeoExodus Home Game. Prymidians are red-skinned humanoids with a magical ability to speak with anyone using a language.

Tom asked for "Prymidian Bard: crimson red skin, white hair, eyes that burn like fire". Pretty "standard" for a Prymidian... Now on to execution... Tom's character is an archeologist and a knowledge-monkey - always useful in a JP game. Looking at the model, I found there was little exposed skin: the face and his right hand... So that would be "simple" (good red skin is hard to do).

For some totally random reason, I kept thinking about a crusty philosophy professor... So I opted to go with the idea. Brown pants and blue dress shirt was the base inspiration. Another thing that adds to the "crustiness" is the use of many different pattern, each of them different and without a clear unifying theme.

With that in mind, I started painting.

The belt/skirt and the cloak, did not quite fit into my original concept, but I adapted them. The cloak was simple: Tom's character is a traveler so I chose a "Wilderness green" subdued scheme - I did not want it to be the main draw of the model. The cloak became the only part of the model that would be functional in color. The belt I added to the base idea: another pattern that doesn't match the others.

The face came out AWESOME! The skin is vibrant and alive, the eyes look great and the hair has depth. The many patterns together give the professor look! I can't wait to beat up the poor guy on Tuesday!

The second model is a p'tan Barbarian for Jacob-M's NeoExodus Legacies character. He got himself one of Crocodile Games' Basti heroes... Definitely my go-to choice for p'tan characters. This one was fairly simple as far as paint jobs go. The model as a LOT of "skin" with minimal armor.

Jacob had two requests: dark skin and remove the original symbol on the chest plate (which had a feather I believe). One of the things I *HATE* and I mean *HATE*. Yes I hate it so much that I put a blink tag around it! It is painting black. Try as I might, it never comes out right. OH! I do some black accents: hair/ beards/ eyes but I do not think I have a single model painted black (come to think of it, I think I have *ONE*). So I went with a very dark blue as the base for the skin. Dark blue on white primer comes out with a lot of depth... Almost like a wash. I thought about dark brown hair, but I settled on black in the end (brown looked real bad).

The breastplate I trimmed the symbol and used white glue as filler. That done, I painted it, scarring the plate to show that it has been damaged. Then I topped it off with a lion rampant - since the character is from the Caneus Empire.

For the pants, I went with something more subdued: my "typical" traveler's green. A few patterns on there to make them interesting,but still not to make them the real center of attention.

The sword started as an error on my part. I had some red paint on my thumb and unknowingly spread it across the front of the sword. When I realized the mistake, I smeared it off. But little dots of color remained. After swearing a little, I looked the mini at a distance (I went to wash my hands) and the effect looked like a dirty, blood-covered sword. I retouched it in a few places and did the backside with a similar effect and I liked what I saw.

Two more models done!


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