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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

And now for something completely... the same!

With the big push for Temple of the Forbidden done for me, I had originally planned to take a break and do little more than bask in my own glory, play some DC Online and paint some miniatures.

But that's not how it went down.

Instead, I came up with a new idea... One that actually came to me last year at Denver ComicCon. My initial idea was for Pathfinder Society. But obviously now that will not happen now. But the idea is still good and definitely applicable to NeoExodus Legacies... The format was really was dictated to me by what I saw there. The attendees are not there for "long", 4h sessions. They come to the game room to kill an hour or two. It is the only time I saw people up and leave in the middle of a game, and not because the hated the GMs or because the GM was doing a horrible job. They just up and left.

First, the constraints:

- The adventure must run in 2h TOPS. This includes the briefing, the intro to NeoExodus and any paperwork.
- The adventure must showcase the storylines or aspects of the NeoExodus Legacies campaign
- The adventure must be easy to pick and run
- It must be fun and exciting to run and play.

So I have been playing with the ideas for a while and in a lull I began to put down idea to a page (remember this post about writer's block?). From those, I spent my lunch time looking at them and thinking how to expand them without become a long series of presentation of NPCs. I prefer to write MORE than make them boring...

With the versatility of the XP format in Legacies, these can give 1 or 2 XP, giving us the opportunity to make them longer or shorter and more or less difficult. This 9XP per level system is something I am starting to love more and more. It is extremely versatile and gives me the opportunity to play and change things.

So the first one I started working on will deal with the Protectorate and the conquests in Sametia. So far this year, the topic was discussed in adventures, but many PCs have yet to experience Sametia. Plus it gives me an opportunity to advance the timeline of Sametia, from what players saw last yet in A1 - Encounter at Ramat Bridge and its sequel A2 - Ruins of Trovaska. That is one of the element of running a dynamic campaign such as Legacies I like the most: revisiting old favorites and updating them. "When you came it looked like that, but not anymore!" This is something that makes me squeal with delight when it happens in games I play.

So this is my current short-term writing project as I go over "Temple".


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