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Saturday, March 16, 2013

NeoExodus Commission: Kalisan Druid

Here is a mini I painted for my buddy Jacob-M. Jacob is a regular of both my home game AND NeoExodus Legacies. He gave me this mini to paint for him. His character is a Kalisan druid (bear shaman).

Teltana the Druid I asked you to paint is very much into nature. Bear shaman arch type and will usually have barkskin active on her. She uses a dark wood shield and a plain looking club. (will be getting her a spear for thrown weapons)
Brownish hair, if you could incorporate some barklike skin that would be awesome. If not its cool.

The original model comes with a spear. Though he didn't say, Jacob plans to use the shillelagh spell on his club. So I cut the top of the spear and replaced it with a large axe haft (removing the axe head). This gave her the right weapon. There wasn't much more to convert, so it was on to painting.

Here I did a simple paint job: natural/ tame colors for the clothes. I chose green for the half-skirt because it is very druid-y. Her skin was painted all-white (since Kalisan are white). Then, I added a light brown wash with bark lines to simulate the barkskin spell. This had a unique effect of turning the white skin to a Caucasian-looking effect! I expected her to turn a light brown, but this is pretty cool.


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