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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Malifaux: My own warband!

A while ago, I painted a few armies worth of Malifaux models for my friend Steve-B's Malifaux addiction. I really liked the models as they were very dynamic, well-sculpted (esp when one compares with GW's FineCast) and painted up very nicely. Wyrd has done a great job and I really fought for the longest time before breaking down and getting some models for myself.

I chose the models simply based on looks. Not on tactica, tournament reports. No, just LOOKS. With a secret side-goal of re-using the models for NeoExodus or other RP projects.

I chose Rasputina because she looked good. I have yet to play with them as I refuse to play with unpainted models. Yes I am THAT guy.

Making a big push this past weekend, I finished Rasputina. I chose a snow/blue pattern rather than the pure white. I think it gives her depth. The final effect makes her look as those she were in a snowstorm. Which is really cool! I like it a lot.

The Gamins and Golem were finished a while ago... For the effects on the creatures, I used 3 layers of floor polish... Making these guys: SHINY!