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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Inspirations for our Free RPG Day Adventure

If you followed my tweets the past two weeks, you know that I am hard at work trying to finish the "Temple of the Forbidden God", our Free RPG Day 2013 Kickstarter (as a shameless plea, if you haven't given, now would be a good time to do so while there is still time!). And finally last night I tweeted an "I'M DONE!"

Well mostly done. I have completed the first draft - the toughest of all drafts to finish - and am currently playing around with it, tweaking, changing and overall making better.

I will soon be contacting (me and/or LPJ will) our backers in Colorado to run a play-test of the adventure! Talk about a chance to get MORE than "your name in the book" but "to be part of the writing too!!!" So there I said it. Extra opportunity for goodies! Contact me and/or LPJ if you have a group of backers near where you live so you can play-test it for us.

Though these are not strictly part of the adventure, the following illustrations were more than instrumental in the writing of "Temple of the Forbidden God". For those of you familiar with NeoExodus, images of the wild Reis Confederacy should quickly come to mind. And you would be correct... Part of the adventure takes place in the Confederacy.

Part of my design, included a way to seamlessly integrate the awesome stretch goals we hoped to reach (Owen KC Stevens reached YEAH!). I can only hope that we reach Lee Hammock and Richard Farrese, two of the guys who did a LOT of work on NeoExodus in its initial incarnation. I would just LOVE to work with them and make "Temple" into something just MASSIVE.

*Girlish giggle*


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