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Saturday, November 28, 2020

Princesses Save Pemrose

So on Black Friday, I ran a new adventure called "Wine with a Succubus" where the players took on the roles of our iconic Princesses characters. The princesses are a collection of playable PC races inspired by the characters we all know. I took a screenshot of part of the action with our girls fighting goblins in the streets.

The pregens are pretty interesting when played, and running a group of them creates a fun dynamic.

I had originally planned to have a second game but I had cancellations... So I had to call it off. I will try to re-run it.

Princesses is available on the DM's Guild now. It is the product of a collaboration between myself and Ibsen Zayas who drew many of the characters.

A big thank you to most of my Friday night group: ActionMan, Ava, Kitty, and Tommy.

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