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Tuesday, November 10, 2020

[After Action Report] Virtual GameholeCon 2020

This past weekend was filled with so much gaming that made it awesome. I attended Virtual Gameholecon (normally) out of Milwaukee.

This massive orgy of gaming started on Thursday night when I played in a Legend of the Five Rings home game. Now this was not part of the con program but it counted that way for me. More on that particular game in a different post...

Then Friday, I was scheduled to run two games: Akhamet in the morning and Rhym in the afternoon. I had only one player show up for the morning Akhamet game. It did not go off, but instead I played a tier 3 Adventure League game.

Friday night was my regular game with the kids, set in Rhym. The kids explored a dwarven complex that was not-quite fully abandonned as they sought the criminal known as the Weevil. They did not find her just yet but found a number of oddities within the dungeon...

Throughout Saturday, I played three more Adventure League games, finally getting my highest-level character to level 16! Only took around 4 years! Fun times. I also got to play the first season 10 epic and had a blast, aided by some terrible dice rolling on the part of the entire party!

Sunday morning was more Adventure League, this time with a new(ish) character exploring the frozen locations of the North. Pretty tough...

For the afternoon slot, I was scheduled to play the latest offering for Arcanis. After a little drama, the game started. A little late but we managed to get a group together. A fun group of regulars. Now the only downside was that we overran and I had to run for dinner. An interesting start to a new plotline I am curious where it will go.

Kudos to the Arcanis leadership for passing out a questionnaire about the likes/dislikes of the players. My own entry got some near-immediate follow-up questions from leadership. We'll see what, if any, changes are implemented based on that.

What did I ask for, you ask? "MORE PLAY OPPORTUNITIES" I make no secrets of that. Been saying it for a long time!


- Games with seats were easy to find

- Friendly Crowd, everyone was eager for some gaming.

- Got to play Adventure League at tiers 1,2, and 3! I almost never manage to play T3 stuff.

- Well-prepared GMs. I complained about this at quite a few other events, but not here. The GMs were all ready to go, knowledgeable and prepared to run their adventure.


- Non-Adventure League attendance was low. My 3 events were cancelled from lack of attendance and from what I heard, many of the Arcanis tables went the same way. There were a few non-AL that seemed to be well-attended but they appeared to be local/ recurring events.

- The website is wonky, and takes some getting used to. There is a lot of clicking around to get what you want.

Final Thoughts

I enjoyed myself and will think about attending in the coming years. This would simplify it greatly if it remains online.

Fun times!

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