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Thursday, October 29, 2020

Curse of Strahd II: Griffon Hill Manor released on DM's Guild!

After months of writing and play-testing, I can finally publish Curse of Strahd II: Griffon Hill Manor, a sequel inspired but a complete revamping of the original Ravenloft II. The result is something that is much more runnable with 5th Edition and adds entire new segment.

When I first wrote it, I told my player "Bah, we'll be done in 2-4 sessions," but I was wrong. We played for 30+ hours! This is game where a GM gets to use all the tools of his craft. This is very much a sandbox with tools to respond depending on the actions of your players.

It was great to see the players scratch they heads but then discover things piece by piece, until it formed a mosaic around them. The British Shark did a LOT of new art pieces for this one, much in the same style as his pieces for Apple of a Mother's Eye and Real Housewives of Ravenloft

This one came together quickly, and was touched and retouched to perfection. I am very happy with the results of this one.

Get it now on the DM's Guild.

Want a free copy? Become a FOE Patron before Nov 1st.

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