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Thursday, October 29, 2020

Dreams of Dust now a Copper Best Seller!

Almost two years ago, I published this adventure on the DM's Guild based on a previously unreleased Pathfinder adventure that was first played at Gencon years ago. The port to 5th Edition came with a massive expansion, turning this from a four-hour adventure to something that takes many sessions to play through.

The adventure is one of horror - as all good Ravenloft adventures are, but it is a horror that is much different that the Gothic horror of Curse of Strahd.

I love mentionning this adventure to my players and see the fear and terror in their eyes. That curl of fear that appears on their lips. DEEEEEEElightful. All this without any signs of gore or anything too nasty. This is one of those horror that is terrifying because of the ramifications of what it entails, not because of the graphic nature of the plot, which is something that I like and am very proud of.

The new pieces of art Irene drew for this one are just great! Really dig them.

You know what... I just might run it for the kids... It will be awesome! Muhahahaha

Now just letting everyone know this adventure has just reached the Copper Best Seller list on the DM's Guild. I'm so happy.

Until Nov 2nd 2020, it is on sale for 25% off! Get it now!

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