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Monday, January 4, 2021

Revisiting an old adventure

Over the Christmas Holiday, Kitty asked me to run a game of D&D. I had nothing ready for playtest at the time (I know, a rare occurence). What I have been working on was either in a different level-band (The Dying Merchant 7th-level Akhamet adventure, Witches of Pikemaster mini-campaign, or half-formed, incomplete products).

What I do have, however, are old adventure I wrote during the Pathfinder days. I pulled out one I hadn't touched in years called "Sugar and Spice," which presents the PCs with a rather thorny dilemma pitting them between legalistic arguments and family arguments. The argument at the core of the adventure is very simple and everyone can grasp the ramification easily.

So, Korral (little mermaid rogue), Elzbeth (sleeping beauty sorceress), Keera (ice princess cleric), and Doncella (cinderella fighter) went into a bar looking for adventure...

In the end, they made the same choice players who played it from way-back-when did. I cannot sell the adventure as is, but it could make a return, with the serial numbers filed off, which was MUCH easier than I expected, in fact. Once I clear my current stack of unfinisih work (to the above, add an Akhamet Magic/Monster Book, the Olympia Campaign setting, a few small monster guides, and side-projects such as the 40k adventure I want to run). Too bad, many of these adventures were decent (perhaps a little re-editing could perk them up), but in their original version they will forever remain as files on my hard drive.

Playing with the Princesses just gives the story a little something extra. I liked how they play together and how they alter the dynamic of the group. Fun stuff really.

You can get the Princess racial book today on the DM's Guild.


  1. That rings a bell. I think I might have played that. Good to see it getting some use. :)

    1. I was greatly pleased with it. It ran equally well in 5e as it did in 5e. Though the background and trappings of the original setting did enhance the flavor.