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Thursday, January 7, 2021

Necromunda Terrain wip

If you remember, Santa got me the Necromunda game. The box I got (Underhive) comes with a flat board. However, what I remember of Necromunda were those towering buildings made of cardboard and bulkheads. A flat surface is... not the same.

So I decided to build some terrain for myself and ActionMan.

Now I have a few requirements for the build:
- Must be light and easy to move around
- Must be sturdy enough to handle both storage AND table usage
- Must be reconfigurable: the pieces must be movable and not form one single shape
- Must be cheap: they would be all scratch-built with accents from the bitz box
- Must look the part
- Human hands and minis MUST fit between the levels
- Must be "mostly straight": the Underhive is not a place where things are perfect

And for once, I took pictures of the build WHILE I am building, not only when it is done. I think I will add a few more pieces to cover the board.

Click on the pictures for a larger scale.

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