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Friday, May 24, 2013

A Savage Weekend: Thanksgaming + CityWide Game Event

It's been a week already since it happened, but Thanksgaming was AWESOME. Those who missed it really missed a fun event with awesome GMs. And really awesome prizes for charity.

I was scheduled to run NeoExodus in the morning, but my slot didn't go off. I had a few people who wanted to play, but it didn't happen. So I jumped into Liam-S's Star Opera game using Savage Worlds. Yes, the same Liam that ran the Buffy extravaganza a few weeks before. And he did not disappoint this time again! The story was a mix of Star Wars/Star Trek (with serial numbers filed off) where our team was sent to find survivors on-board a space station. I played the greedy smuggler character. Fast forward to borg/cybermen and a veritable horde of things. The highlight was no doubt the double-fist blind guy shooting wildly and hurting the party more than the bad guys. Needless to say, we survived, but failed horribly. It was such a laugh throughout that it didn't really matter. What we were doing.

Fun times.

In the afternoon, I was slotted to play Necessary Evil - that's the super hero setting where aliens conquer Earth and the good heroes get killed, leaving only the villains to save the world. This time, I played Skyler, a Robin-ish character who is actually a good guy seeking to save people. I made him the stereotypical borderline gay (he joined the cheer-leading squad because of the choreography), he sang Broadway tunes, and stood around in girlish poses. Yes, he got abused by the group. A lot. The rest of the table: Ron-B, Wendy, Dustin... It was just madness. We succeeded in our mission but it was... It was wrong at so many levels. Thank God there weren't any kids at the table...

More fun

I will admit that the game I was most looking forward to of the day was Derek-J's Deadland's game in the evening. I like Derek and his GMing style. Plus I got to make my own character: an Indian scout. I was looking forward to play it all week as I tweaked the character. However, lack of players led to the game not happening. I was pretty bummed after all this hype I felt.

Finally I had a choice between going home or playing Sequoyah's The Edge setting. I was not overly enthused for the setting (I wanted Deadlands), but I knew of Sequoyah's tables and knew he was a great GM. So I gave it an honest try.

Okay... That setting is REALLY messed up. It's a weird mix of post-apocalyptic horror mixed with Silent Hill and Necromunda. In short, it was great, horrific and extremely dangerous (we didn't survive it). But it was really cool to play!

So I went home on a Savage Worlds high... Though the day hadn't panned out the way I planned, it turned out for the better anyway.

Although not part of Thanksgaming, I went to Petrie's on Sunday where they were holding the City-Wide Game Event... And guess what? I got to play Deadlands! Woohoo! I was playing Clementine, a crazy Cajun lady with her alligator "Jeezus" which led to a lot of laughs. I really enjoyed playing that with the always excellent Roger-F as a GM. The table of Lenny, Neale & myself was... well we're old guys now! :D

I went home later on a high note. I played 4 Savage Worlds events in one weekend: the most I ever did. And in spite of things not going according to plan, I embraced the chaos and had me a great time.

In conclusion, Thanksgaming raised over 1,000$ for the Boulder Humane society! Good job everyone!

On to Comic Con next!



  1. It was an honor and a privilege to have you at my table, sir!

    Life in The Edge is nasty, brutal and often short, but it is always entertaining, and you were definitely part of that!


    1. I will definitely try to go back to the Edge... It was memorable! I strongly recommend your games to any of my readers!