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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Witch Hunter 2e: A kickstarter by PCI

You know me by now. I am a consumate and avid devoted of history. Most books I read have a strong historical tint to them. I define anything in my game worlds. I am particularly interested in the 16th through 19th century European history. As a French descendant, I have a strong penchant towards history of France.

However, history is something that does not exist in a vaccuum. To understand what France does, you need to know what was happening in England, Spain and Italy. To watch the repercussions of a decision, of a victory, one cannot simply look at a single factor or location.

A long, roundabout way to introduce my subject... I was talking to the guys at PCI about Arcanis when Peter mentioned to me about their latest kickstarter. This time for their Witch Hunter: The Invisible World 2nd Edition game. I have, in the past glanced at the game but never got a chance to play it. And I rarely spend any time on games I know I have limited opportunity to play... (one of the reason I give little love to Rifts and Robotech on this blog, I would give them more, but alas I don't get to play)...

Though I have not played it yet (isn't that a common theme these days?), I am really psyched about this new edition of Witch Hunter. I talked a little with the PCI people and I cannot wait for this to land at my door..

Witch Hunter is set in the world of Solomon Kane, in the 1690. OMG! Just during one of the periods of history that thoroughly fascinate me! The PCs take on the role of hunters trying to hunt down the horrors of the world. Quite interesting...

To sweeten the deal, PCI is offering an organized play option for the game! I spoke with them and that has really sealed the deal for me. I really hope we get to see games of it here in the Front Range... Please chip into this one if you can. The rewards are just too cool. There are just a few hours left... So don't delay too long!

Here is a direct link to the kickstarter.


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