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Friday, May 17, 2013

Charity Minis for Thanksgaming

Thanksgaming is just a few hours away. And I finally finally finished the minis I'm giving away for the raffle.

These models I grouped in three groups. The first group is composed of Pulp/ WWI/ Steampunk miniatures. These are a mix of Cobblestone and Old Glory. The two male models painted up pretty easily. The woman's scarf I initially planned on making a Union Jack on her scarf. But after two tries where it just looked horrible, I gave up and instead went with a cross of St George - the flag of England. I think it works well.

The second group includes models that are fantasy characters. The first is a StoneHaven Mini Dwarf Barbarian (one of those I got from their dwarf mini kickstarter). These dwarves are full of character and paint up nice and quick. The second is a character that could easily be in the previous section, a knife-throwing woman. Next is a Crusader/Norman-era fighter. I painted him with a Taldor color from the Pathfinder setting of Golarion. The last one is a Viking warrior. I gave him an oversized axe... because let's face it, it's just so much cooler with a big axe!

The third group is composed of a single mini. This is a Prymidian for the NeoExodus setting. He has his tentacles out.

The final group is also a single. This is the evil cultist. Someone who can appear any time, any where... As long as there is a nefarious plot and a nice virgin to sacrifice. This bad boy is planning to do bad things...


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