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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Early Announcements for Denver Comic Con!

With Denver Comic Con just two weeks away, things are starting to take shape.

First, the NeoExodus adventure is nearing the end (I need to re-tweak a few stat blocks and clean up some text). This adventure will be the first one to be set in the Confederacy.

I know, I know, the Free RPG Day adventure is in the Confederacy - sort of, so that's our second one set in the sweltering jungles. After all these cold-based adventures (like my beloved B1 Cold Visitor and this year's first adventure: 92-LC-01 Bloody Ice) writing about the heat and the humidity is a welcomed relief. Different problems, really. I will post about Temple of the Forbidden God and NeoExodus Legacies altogether as we get closer to Free RPG Day. Yes, I have a few comments and advice for GMs wishing to run the adventure.

One of the big firsts for me is that I will be part of a panel on RPGs with guys I really esteem. I must thank the tireless efforts of Linda W-R who got us a spot on Saturday afternoon for our panel.

The panel will include Darrell Hardy, Justin Suzuki (one of the minds behind Thanksgaming and Roleplay DNA), and others (whom I can't remember right now). It will be Saturday 2-3pm in room 109, come and hear us out. I fully expect it will be extremely entertaining.

The topic of our talk will be (at least I think it will be) "How to break into the RPG/Publishing business". If you ever wanted to know how we did it, that is a great way to learn. I'm always looking for adventure writers for Legacies...

I'm really looking forward to doing this panel. It should be very interesting. I'll "secretly" admit that I am very curious myself as to how the other guys got into the industry.

More on Comic Con as we get closer. Now I have to work on my NeoExodus home game and Thanksgaming...


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