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Monday, May 20, 2013

My PaizoCon events have been turned in to LPJ

I have turned in my PaizoCon events for NeoExodus. This year, I am freed from having to do any Pathfinder Society, so I went "big", offering three adventures. Two of those were already run at Denver events and other such games. Those two adventures, should help give those who participate a better feel for the setting. Like last year, the Interactive will have major repercussion on the game world!

Here are the adventures, blurbs and slots I requested. So things are subject to change.

92-LC-02 Shattered Peace By JP Chapleau

The year 91AU ended with a summit in the small village of Ektawara in Koryth. There, diplomats and senators argued and failed to reach a verdict about the Protectorate’s invasion of Sametia. However, many questions remain unanswered about this summit where accusations of corruption, conspiracy and cover-ups run rampant. Is it too late for the Imperial Alliance to keep the peace between the nations of Exodus? Or will it be left with little more than a shattered peace? An adventure written for APLs 3 and 5 (characters level 3-6). Rules for character creation can be found here

Slot: Friday Afternoon & Sunday Morning

92-LC-03 A rose by any name By Linda Weygant-Robison & JP Chapleau

Nyssa, capital of the Caneus Empire, is an old city where ancient rivalries mingle with modern ones. In an empire known for its stability, its heart is rotting. What first seemed like a simple affair of muggings may soon turn into an affair of state. An adventure for APLs 3 and 5 (character levels 3-6). Rules for character creation can be found here

Slots: Saturday Morning & Sunday Afternoon

92-LI-04 As if it could get any worse By JP Chapleau

For the past two years, the nations of Exodus have encroached on the lands of the Janus Horde. Though battles were won and lost, the Arman Protectorate has declared their Sametian Conquest under the protection of the Tsarina. This state of affair does not please many in the Imperial Alliance, and many are willing to do something about it. Rules for character creation can be found here

Slot: Saturday Afternoon

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