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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Commissions for May 2013 and a facepalm

Its been a while since I posted commission work. All of these are for my friend Jacob M.

The first mini is a halfling. I had initially thought of going with a more green theme for the cloak. However, after talking with Jacob, his character works for Osirion which is an Egyptian-flavored region. So instead, I went with a dark brown to provide him a better desert camouflage. As usual, the picture does not do justice to the depth of color on the cloak...

This second mini is a samurai. I really spent a lot of time on the kimono. I spent a lot of time looking at ancient kimonos design for inspiration. I finally found this pale green with flowers. I like how it finally came out. The face in particular looks real good!

The final mini is a winter witch and her arctic fox. I found the dog/fox in one of my old packs of minis. For this one, I went very classic blue and white. Her skin was initially blue, then I used a thin layer of skin and white to give her skin an odd color. She came out real nice.

I was going to buy one for my own winter withc, Katja, but with Jacob having this mini I will have to find another one. I am thinking of using my Rasputina... GAH!

Now for the facepalm. So I had more models to do for Jacob... Namely to of Reaper's big bears. Yes, I know. Bears! So I painted them up... And promptly forgot about them on my "drying table" (yes, I have one of those... that's where my magic dipped minis wait impatiently the final touch ups). As I flocked and sealed the charity minis and this batch of commissions (I have more). These two bears stayed there, literally, out to dry.


So I will have to finish them another time... With the next batch of models.

Facepalm indeed...


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