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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Eldritch Tomes for NeoExodus

What did Call of Cthulhu teach me ?

Other than never split the party, touch a magic item, trust anyone, believe that evil is everywhere or to be on the lookout for people with weak chins and bulging eyes?

Yeah... That's a lot.

I meant to answer "books and tomes are cool". Why? Because tomes are a good way to generate adventure potential and conflict. If you own a rare book, someone is bound (ha ha ha) to try and get it from you. Some will do it nicely, some not so much. But getting your hand on the Necronomicon is not the end of the journey. It's the start of a new one.

So earlier this week, I was going over "Magic of NeoExodus" and found a series of tomes in there. Just my luck I have been working on the NeoExodus core book and had not begun to go over the spells just yet (a task I reserved for the end).

It didn't take me long for my old love of Cthulhu and its dusty tomes to return. A quick reformat later (I'm a sucker for tables) and I had these tomes added to the core book. As I was adding them to my document I could see right away a dozen way to use the tomes in an adventure. Pushing my thought process further I could see them used as great McGuffins.

Though they form a large part of the Call of Cthulhu RPG and universe, I think they also make a great addition to any fantasy settings. Similar to the eye, hand and heads of Vecna... Yes, I know the Necronomicon passed through the megaverse, but its not usually associated with D&D (or Pathfinder).

So here I leave you, my dearest fans as I head off to Denver for some great gaming and my eldest daughter's first Con Jr!

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