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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

More June Commissions: A lot of future PFS characters!

Back in May, my friend Bard left Colorado Springs for California. I was sad at seeing a good friend leave.

Then a few days later, his brother Todd - also my good friend - walks up to me as we are about to start playing some Pathfinder in the back of Gamers' Haven. So he comes to me, hands me a box full of the old 2000 ish Chainmail models! Many of these will end up on this blog in the future. These models were from Bard who had no use for them.

To thank him, I offered to paint a mini for him. Todd asked for a cleric.

No problem... I thought. Then I went home and began looking through my collection of models. Nothing really "pure cleric" available. At least in male (I don't remember Todd ever playing a female character).


The only model I could find was a biblical era priest. And to be honest, that model is not the best there is. And I wanted to give him a nice mini. So a plan formed in my head. And I went with it... This model I would paint like a "sun cleric." Bright Yellow robes with red and orange sun rays.

Then I decided to use a few models that were not "quite" clerics or priestly but that could be used for a variety of characters. I took this Egyptian priest. To me, this guy said "Osirion Wizard." As always Crocodile Games models are a joy to paint. This one was no exception. I thought about making a complex pattern on the skirt but decided against it as it would take away from this awesome necklace.

When I gave it to Todd this past Saturday, he exclaimed "Cool, a monk!" Which I must admit I never even thought about, but looking at it now, I can see how he might reach that conclusion. That model would make an awesome monk...

In an effort to make a cleric, I converted one of my medieval slingers into a "Templar" of sort. I removed the sling, added a skull on a leather cord from GW skeleton bitz. Added a few swords on his back to make him look more like an adventurer. The overall result is really good. I thought about keeping that character for myself... In the end, I thought of him as a paladin or some type of "low templar."

Todd seemed very happy with the models, and peace ruled over the land.


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